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Xbox 360 GamerTag Contact List

From OCAU Wiki

This is a constantly updated list of OCAU GamerTags used on Microsoft Xbox Live system.

Instructions on how to get one

  • Go here. Sign up an account using your .net address of choice (Hotmail/MSN), choose a GamerTag, then choose your "Zone". Then its done! You don't need to register an Xbox360, but its pointless signing up unless you're planning on getting one.
  • Security Note: GamerTags, once created, are basically set in stone. If you add credit card details, for purchasing Live Gold or Microsoft Points, they are also linked to the account. It's worth setting up a separate address, if possible, that you don't actively use for MSN or Email to preserve at least some level of security.

To add yours to the Wiki

  • I'll try to add as many as I can, but if you would like to add your own, just edit the page, copy the last bit of code, add it to the end and swap the details.

OCAU Username Xbox 360 GamerTag Zone Profile Link
Silent_Remorse Exchange (Exchange2 - US) Recreation Link
Trop Trop67 Underground Link
wakeboardandy wakeboardandy Underground Link
Cable_81 Cable81 Recreation Link
richan3185 ChemicalHorizon Recreation Link
silver6 aus silver6 Recreation Link
TOX CrazyShawnB Underground Link
Pipingfiend Pipingfiend Underground Link
fox1 AusFox Pro Link
SomeFReaK SomeFReaK Recreation Link
SilentSnipeR Manya47 Pro Link
Gristy Gristy360 Underground Link
Adom Adom00 Recreation Link
rival81 RICHIE RICH 101 Underground Link
Chrysilis Chrysilis Underground Link
Zerstorer procerus Underground Link
Geodude UNCL3 CH0P CH0P Recreation Link
Stroggos2k MC Survey Recreation Link
Shadow27 Shadow27AU Pro Link
Scope fearscope Underground Link
ralfaford ralfaford Recreation Link
tfroggydawg au noise Pro Link
TheOneWhoIsMany KittenBox Recreation Link
stiggz StiggzAU Recreation Link
DefoBryso Bman 21 Pro Link
timdotexe timulation Underground Link
Milk canyonist Recreation Link
stuffisgood saunderez Underground Link
Cashy BlueJackX Recreation Link
noddy FyadR6 Underground Link
mitch Smitch128 Recreation Link
DFA Bent Wookie360 Underground Link
Boydi! TheyCallMeAaron Underground Link
Elyzion NaturalCause09 Recreation Link
HardKor VagrantAU Recreation Link
Cymax Snixtor Recreation Link
KRiSX KRiSX85 Recreation Link
bgalway dangles1985 Underground Link
Duff Man Batapotamus Underground Link
Eckles Eckles1984 Recreation Link
SugarFreeGum SugerFreeGum Pro Link
Head baalaagaa Recreation Link
Ferrisxb9r KN Fez Pro Link
BGH BGH 80 Recreation Link
claf-43 PAFC2004 Underground Link
Digitone Digitone Recreation Link
Campster123 Campster123 Recreation Link
Gonutz CordlezToaster Underdog Link
RaZa AussieGav Pro Link
Detect Tekwon Recreation Link
toliman toliman Recreation Link
Antilochos Antilochos Recreation Link
Malakai Minimal Malakai Recreation Link
Mitchee Mitcheeee Underground Link
Xenorg Xenorg Pro Link
Trick jayess86 Underground Link
Sachimo2000 Sachimo2000 Recreation Link
urbanvanilla urbanvanilla Recreation Link
dafidav dafidav Recreation Link
Pigz BaconAus Pro Link
timchaston cyanosis117 Recreation Link
Dark_Ernie Fish in a Wig Recreation Link
Infest InFeSt1337 Recreation Link
mortal evilsync Underground Link
SpeedRacer SpeedRacerMx5 Recreation Link
GSX-R RicochetAU Underground Link
ominae applee Recreation Link
r8response r8response Pro Link
Szemen Szemen Recreation Link
MeRcYkiLLeR OzTrez Recreation Link
Tommyphillips H Cortez Recreation Link
eZeman Murkh Pro Link
Nimmers Nimmers Recreation Link
RichoB Daeketar Recreation Link
Daexkor Naeyx Recreation Link
unwritt3n Unwr1tt3n360 Underground Link
mR joeTEK mR joeTEK Underground Link
jonsey32 jonsey32 Recreation Link
nez nezbian Recreation Link
Shaunbacca Shaunbacca Recreation Link
Timmy FilthyMcOwnage Underground Link
Simonk83 Simonk83 Recreation Link
DigitalRain Dijicaek Underground Link
Chamelion Chameltoe Underground Link
Mark-D fuzzy 212 Recreation Link
kdistill dejaud Recreation Link
Beanz Beanz98 Recreation Link
eviladrian amagni Recreation Link
DiGiTaL MoNkEY XyGeN Recreation Link
cheyumm Cheyumm Pro Link
ni9ht_5ta1k3r ni9ht 5ta1k3r Pro Link
hyrule2k2 sdz2k2 Underground Link
Zee EtherealProwler Underground Link
Dropbear Dropbear67 Recreation Link
FTO Kienchil Pro Link
CordlezToaster CordlezToaster Underground Link
Dynamics pflanzon Recreation Link
stitch512 sT1TcH AU Recreation Link
aquazure Aya Kyunik Recreation Link
Tsudo AndrewAU Recreation Link
ZeroRaven JumpingJumper Recreation Link
Ogio Ogio86 Underground Link
DavidRa Hulk BOFH Recreation Link
Afireinside Gavissmashed Recreation Link
sKyz sukaiz Recreation Link
mwil7034 SilverShaft Underground Link
TheAvatar PPGAChaosJester Pro Link
Super Tomcat173 Pro Link
mrpiccolod CWA Shel Underground Link
shonofear fall2rize Recreation Link
Gr00my Gr00my Underground Link
SikMate Pighunt Recreation Link
Armunn AussieArmunn Pro Link
TomJ Topaz360 Pro Link
Sped 1989 SpEd1989 Underground Link
Solid_Snake Solidus82 Underground Link

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