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Revision as of 15:56, 21 April 2008 by Sharkx (Talk | contribs)

Logitech 'G' Owners Club Members

Please list your user name and what you have.

  1. TX3 G15
  2. Baazman G7 + G15
  3. Swathe G15 v1
  4. CHINNO G7 + G15 v1
  5. FLB G5 + G15
  6. da_msta_chizz
  7. AfterBurner_1 G11
  8. n2o G5 v1
  9. ChinoPD G15 v2
  10. qwertylesh G15 v1
  11. ORiGINAL G15 v1 + G7
  12. KenZomgWtfBbq G7
  13. Uncyspam G15mk2 and G7
  14. Oh My God G5, G9, G15 v1, G25 Steering Wheel, G51 Speakers
  15. theironpaw G5, G15 v2
  16. CD_TOASTER G7, G3, G15 V1
  17. sam4400 G15,G9, G7, G25, and G15 Refreshed
  18. Deadshot_80 G7 and G15
  19. quickshot84 G15v2, G7 Carbon
  20. Sharkx G9

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