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Playstation Network IDs

Revision as of 17:20, 19 May 2008 by Ssjx (Talk | contribs)

This is a constantly updated list of OCAU forum member's Playstation Network IDs.

How To Obtain A Playstation Network ID

There are 2 primary ways of obtaining a Playstation Network ID:

1. Through this Playstation.Net page

2. If you have your PS3 online, goto the Friends menu of the XMB and register through there.

Once registered, the user will have the opportunity to change registration details by selecting the "Account Management" option.

List Of Playstation Network IDs

If you would like to add your own Playstation Network ID, just edit the page, copy the last bit of code, add it to the end and swap the details.

This is a preliminary list - more columns maybe added at a later date

OCAU Username Playstation Network ID Games (BD) Games (PSN) Headset?
Oriphin Oriphin
Wink Wink- Call of Duty 4, Madden 08, NBA 2K8, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue GT:HD, Mortal Kombat II, Calling All Cars, Super Stardust HD, Warhawk, High Stakes Poker Yes
Ignignort Ignignortx Resistance, Oblivion GT:HD, Calling All Cars, Loco Roco, Aqua Vita, Operation:Creature Feature, Super Rub a Dub, Flow Yes
FatBoyNotSoSlim FatBoyNotSoSlim Resistance, Stuntman: Ignition, Heavenly Sword, Call of Duty 3, Stranglehold: Collectors Edition, Assassin's Creed: Limited Edition, Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock, Kane & Lynch, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, Burnout Paradise, Gran Turismo 5: Prolouge, GTA:IV (uncensored) Collectors Edition GT:HD, Lemmings, Gripshift, Nucleus, Tekken: DR NO
DraGoN-BoY MrDerrickC Ridge Racer 7, Gundam, Resistance, COD3, Heavenly Sword, Guitar Hero 3, GT5:P GT:HD No
Memph Birchie Resistance, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Fight Night Round 3, Tiger Woods 07, F1 Championship Edition, Call Of Duty 4, Assassins Creed, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune GT:HD, Tekken5: DR, Lemmings, Warhawk Yes
Jarnzie Jarnzie Resistance, Motorstorm, R&CF: Tools of Destruction, Call of Duty 4, GTA4 GT:HD, flOw(+ EXP), Tekken5: DR MP, Gripshift, Blastfactor, Super Rub a Dub, Go Puzzle, Mortal Kombat II, Calling All Cars, Super Stardust HD(+ SOLO), Nucleus, High Stakes Poker, Warhawk (+ EXP-1), Loco Roco, PixelJunk Monsters, Everyday Shooter, GT5:Prolouge Yes
GenoCyber Genocyber
Caudex Caudex888
Ominae App
KRiSX KRiSX Motorstorm, Resistance, Full Auto 2, F1 Championship Edition, NBA 2k7, NHL 2k7 Tekken 5: DR, Lemmings, Blast Factor, GripShift, GT: HD
mojom@n mojoman69 Resistance, MotorStorm, Genji, F1 Championship Edition, Def Jam: ICON, Virtua Fighter 5, Tiger Woods: PGA Tour 07, Fight Night - Round 3
Andres Andresss MotorStorm, Resistance, F1 Championship Edition, Oblivion GT:HD, Mortal Kombat II
mr_wrxman n-trance-d Resistance GT:HD
Badz0r Badz0r Resistance, Motorstorm, Formula 1, Rainbow Six: Vegas Mortal Kombat II, Calling All Cars, Warhawk, Tekken 5
fobzy fobzee F1 Championship Edition
neostars neostars Fight Night 3, Oblivion, Tekken 5 DR, Mortal Kombat II, Lemmings, Super Rub a Dub, Warhawk Beta, Gripshift
fuzzyt fuzzyt_au
AMD64 BetaNumerical Resistance, Oblivion GT:HD, Ridge Racer, Virtua Tennis No
TOX CrazyShawn Motorstorm, Resistance, Full Auto 2, F1 Championship Edition, Virtual Fighter 5, NBA Street Homecourt GT: HD
silver6 ozsilver6 Motorstorm, Resistance, Ridge Racer 7
bladerunner_97 Goomba_Assassin Motorstorm, Resistance
prophey Kojihama Virtua Fighter 5, Resistance, Uncharted, Asassin's Creed, Devil May Cry 4
jackson wickedCool MotorStorm, Virtua Tennis 3
reags reagsy Assassin's Creed, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Heavenly Sword, GT5 Prologue
RSBlue RSBlue MotorStorm, Resistance, F1 Championship Edition, Virtua Tennis 3
ni9ht_5ta1k3r TheGhosts Def Jam Icon, Fight Night: Round 3, Genji, Resistance, Ridge Racer 7, Tony Hawk's Project 8, Virtua Fighter 5
Fai Lucifer009 Motorstorm, Virtua Tennis 3
Trev Trev F1 Championship Edition, Motorstorm GT:HD
Kuruptz Kuruptz Motorstorm
Kr0nic Banannasorus Resistance, Call of Duty 3, Fight Night Round 3
nitehawk mr_nitehawk Motorstorm, Virtua Tennis 3, Ridge Racer 7, Call of Duty 3, Tiger Woods: PGA Tour 2007 Tekken 5: DR, GT:HD
toshin fusion9 Ridge Racer 7, Resistance Tekken 5: DR, GT:HD, Flow, MK2,Blastfactor, Super Rub a Dub
Wolfje ArkticWolf Resistance GT:HD, Mortal Kombat 2, Super Stardust HD
Plastik8 plastik8 Minna No Golf 5 (JP) GT:HD, Tekken DR Online (JP), Super Stardust HD Yes
Avalanch3 konvctd Virtua Tennis 3, Resistance, Fight Night Round 3, Untold Legends, NHL 2K7, F1 Championship Edition
Ryan99 Capoonis
Spindleshanx spindleshanx
DiZyPhEr De-Rail Motorstorm, Resistance, Armoured Core 4, F1 Championship Edition GT:HD, flOw, Tekken5: DR, Gripshift, Blastfactor, Super Rub a Dub, Super Stardust HD,
chinkiwinki rowan888 Resistance, NBA2K8, Call of Duty 4, Assassins Creed, Guitar Hero 3, Fight Night Round 3, Uncharted, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Army of Two, UT3, Time Crisis 4, GTA4 GT:HD, Tekken 5:DR, Calling All Cars
Nhutty Nhutty Resistance, Motorstorm, NBA 2K8, Pro Evo 2008, COD4, Fight Night Round 3, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Singstar, F1 Championship Edition GT:HD, Super Stardust HD, Tekken 5 Online, WarHawk, Pixel Junk Monsters, Locoroco YES
scon chrome-magnon Resistance, Sega Rally Revo, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, NFS: Prostreet, Assassins Creed, Burnout Paradise Warhawk, Super Stardust HD Nope
Dylon DylonHTM Guitar Hero III Guitar Hero III No
SSJX ssjx Resistance, F.E.A.R, Full Auto 2: Battlelines, Transformers, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Genji, Virtua Fighter 5, Gundam: Target in Sight, Def Jam: Icon, NBA Street Homecourt, College Hoops 2007, Guitar Hero III, Ridge Racer 7, Armored Core 4,Motorstorm, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, Heavenly Sword, Time Crisis 4, GTA IV, Assassin's Creed GT:HD No; PS Eye Yes
SilentSnipeR Manya47 Fifa 2008, Heavenly Sword, Call Of Duty 4 GT:HD No
FalconGT XBGT351 Heavenly Sword, Call Of Duty 4, Resistance, Motorstorm, R&C Tools of Destruction, Assassins Creed, Uncharted - Drakes Fortune, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Rainbow Six Vegas, Rainbox Six Vegas 2, Lair, Ridge Racer 7, F1 Championship, Virtua Fighter 5, Burnout Paradise, Unreal Tournament III, Timeshift, NHL 2K8, Army of Two, GT5 Prologue ... Preorder: , GTA IV Special Edition Warhawk + addon, Super Rub a Dub, Super Stardust HD Yes, PS3 Eye
iCrunk GT3K Heavenly Sword, Ninja Gaiden, Guitar Heroes III, Ridge Racer 7, Ghost Recon No
Kombo Sleidar Sega Rally Revo, NBA 2K8, Formula One Championship Edition, Resistance, Heavenly Sword, Time Crisis 4, Call of Duty 4, Guitar Hero 3, Virtua Tennis 3, Assasins Creed, Eye of Judgement Tekken 5 Online, Mortal Kombat 2, GT: HD, Lemmings, Pixel Junk Racers, Loco Roco Yes
Toliman hugmyciaalien Heavenly Sword, Tiger Woods PGA 07, Resistance, Motorstorm, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Burnout:Paradise fl0w, Super Stardust HD, GT: HD, Locoroco Yes
doogs2590 doogs2590 Fifa08, Resistance, Motorstorm, Fight Night - Round 3, Virtua Tennis 3 No
Fedex Hatch87 Assassins Creed, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Kane and Lynch: Dead Men, Fifa 08, Rachet and Clank: Tools of Destruction, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare GT:HD No
Slidey ttamz COD4, Dirt, R:FOM, Ninja Gaiden, Warhawk Yes
Ipzirk Ipzirk Call of Duty 4, Heavenly Sword Yes
Ridah ash-au Lego Starwars - The Complete Saga, MotorStorm, Virtua Fighter 5 Piyotama, GT:HD, flOw, Super Stardust HD, LocoRoco Cocoreccho!, Toy Home, Tekken 5 DR, PixelJunk Monsters No
stuffisgood saunderez Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Folklore Super Stardust HD, Pain, High Velocity Bowling No
ZXR ZXR250 GT5 Prologue, Assassins Creed, NFS: Pro Street, NFS: Carbon, Virtua Tennis 4, Eye of Judgement, Skate, Guitar Hero 3, Burnout Paradise, Warhawk Super Stardust HD, Tekken 5 DR, PixelJunk Racers, PixelJunk Monsters, GT:HD, LocoRoco Cocoreccho, Mortal Kombat 2, Gauntlet, Rampart No
geekface dighed GT5 Prologue, Guitar Hero 3, Call Of Duty 4 GT:HD No
stickweed stickweed Call Of Duty 4, RFOM, R6V, Assassin's Creed, Oblivion GT:HD Yes
Radix radix999 Virtua Fighter 5, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Burnout: Paradise, Guitar Hero III GT:HD No
Jedi Outcast Ixionx Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Burnout: Paradise, Devil May Cry 4, Time Crisis 4, Singstar, Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, Assassins Creed, Rock Band, Grand Theft Auto 4 flOw, Super Stardust HD+Solo, LocoRoco Cocoreccho!, Toy Home, PixelJunk Monsters, Super Rub a Dub, Blastfactor, Tekken DR, Echocrome No
The King returner36 Devil May Cry 4 nil No
gdunkley84 garrick1984 Guitar Hero III, Assasins Creed, F1 Championship Ed., Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Transformers, Need For Speed: ProStreet, Ridge Racer 7 Motorstorm No
Falcon EFFalcon Need For Speed: ProStreet, Juiced 2, Burnout Baradise Warhark No
Grizz_li Li2099 Uncharted Drake's Fortune, Burnout Paradise No
chrispy711 chrispy711 tekken No
asidfreak aSiDfReAk Call of Duty 4, Uncharted Drake's Fortune, Resistance, Ratchet & Clank GT:HD, Super Stardust HD No
OzTeK OzTeK Burnout Paradise, GTA IV Super Stardust HD Yes
KenZomgWtfBbq Ken_ZomgWtfBbq Uncharted:Drake's Fortune, Resistance:FOM, Ratchet & Clank, Armored Core 4, Assassins Creed, Devil May Cry 4, Turok, Condemned 2, Call of Duty 4 Tekken DR No
CommanderEl CommanderElzor Guitar Hero III, NBA 2K8, Folklore, Sega Rally, Ridge Racer 7 No
nxsr20 dtngo Burnout Paradise No
Jabtronic jabtronic Assassins Creed, Heavenly Sword, Skate., Timeshift GT:HD No
Tiberio T1b3r1o GT5P No
Rodimus666 Rodimus666 Resistance:fom, Fight Night Rd 3, Warhawk, Assasins Creed, GH3, Dynasty warriors 6, Rainbow 6 vegas 2, GT5Prologue GTHD Yes
gmanofau craigs1500 Uncharted, Assasins Creed, Ridge Racer 7, Resistance: FOM, Motostorm GT:HD No
Peuty Peuty GT5 Prologue, COD4, Warhawk, GTA 4 Yes
eddiemess eddiemess Resistance, GT5Prologue, Army of Two Tekken 5 No
Hitman Gururek GTA 4,The Darkness Warhawk (Technically) No

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