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IRC Chat

By popular demand, we have created an IRC channel for OCAU where you can chat in real-time with fellow hardware freaks! Here's how to get into it:

  1. Get yourself an IRC client. For windows users the most popular free one is mIRC. Another popular one is BitchX and it's available for Linux, too. Hexchat is a popular modern free client also.
  2. Using your client, connect to irc.ozorg.net
  3. Once you've connected to a server, type "/join #overclockers" and there we are!
  4. Occasionally due to spam issues we have a password or other restrictions, so ask in the OCAU Forums if you have trouble connecting.

The channel is busiest from about 8pm Sydney time onwards and around lunchtime, but there are usually people there at pretty much all times of the day.

Keep in mind that spamming, flooding, being abusive or otherwise being annoying will get you kicked or even banned if you persist. There's some more specific rules, but the general gist is: don't be an idiot. Ta.

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