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Misc Pics (13 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 27-March-2015  14:38:57 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Thanks to mpot and leftarc this week!

Data Retention Laws Passed (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 27-March-2015  14:19:12 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The data retention laws have been passed by Parliament. The laws will force telecommunications providers to keep records of phone and internet use for two years and allow security agencies to access the records. Companies already retain the data but for varying durations and in an unregulated environment. The Coalition and Labor have argued the laws were necessary to help authorities in counter-terrorism and serious crime investigations.

The official media release from the Attorney-General is here. By passing this Bill, the Parliament has ensured that our security and law enforcement agencies will continue to have access to the information they need to do their jobs. No responsible government can sit by while those who protect us lose access to vital information, particularly in the current high threat environment. At the same time, the Bill contains safeguards to protect our cherished rights and liberties, including through the establishment of additional oversight mechanisms covering the security and law enforcement agencies. Metadata is the basic building block in nearly every counter-terrorism, counter-espionage and organised crime investigation. It is also essential for child abuse and child pornography offences that are frequently carried out online.

Bizarrely, Malcolm Turnbull, Minister for Communications, is openly telling people how to get around it. If you have a device, you know, a phone or a smartphone, and if I call you through the mobile phone network there will be a record. Say my phone’s with Telstra, there’ll be a record with Telstra that I’ve called your number. If on the other hand I communicate with you via Skype for a voice call or Viber, send you a message on WhatsApp or Wickr or Threema or Signal or Telegrammer — there’s a gazillion of them — or indeed if you make a FaceTime call, then all that the telco can see is that my device has had a connection with the Skype server or the WhatsApp server…but it doesn’t see anything happening with you.

Crikey have a guide summing up the issue. Crikey has been covering data retention for several years, and we’ve written tens of thousands of words in that time explaining what it is, why it’s important and the threat it poses to Australians. We know that a lot of people, especially in the media, have only started to focus on the issue in recent days, so we’ve further expanded this Q&A we prepared last year to take into account recent developments and give you a one-stop document for what will be Australia’s biggest ever mass surveillance regime.

Discussion continues in this thread.

Friday Afternoon Reviews (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 27-March-2015  14:03:28 (GMT +10) - by Agg

CRYORIG H5 Universal on TechPowerUp.
Bitspower THOR EIX99 Full Cover Water Block for EVGA X99 Classified/FTW on Modders-Inc.
CRYORIG R1 Universal CPU Cooler on Tweaktown.

Power Supply:
EVGA SuperNOVA 550GS and 650GS Gold PSU on PCPerspective.
SilverStone Strider Gold 1500W on NikKTech.

Portable & Prebuilt:
Hands-On With Lenovo's 2015 ThinkPad X1 Carbon on HotHardware.
Gigabyte Brix S BXi7H-5500 Broadwell Mini PC on HotHardware.
The Dell XPS 13 Notebook Review - Broadwell and Battery Life on PCPerspective.

InWin Gaming Black 707 Full-Tower on Tweaktown.
Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX on OCAholic.
SilverStone Precision Series PS11 on ThinkComputers.
SilverStone Kublai KL05B on BenchmarkReviews.
Be Quiet! Silent Base 800 on OCClub.

Audio Visual:
Microlab T2 Bluetooth Headset on Vortez.
Ozone Blast Ocelote World 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Gaming Headset on eTeknix.
Tesoro Kuven Devil 7.1 Virtual Gaming Headset on TechnologyX.
Inateck BTSP-10 Plus Bluetooth Speaker on APHNetworks.
Soniq Rock 7 Bluetooth Outdoor Portable Speaker on Tweaktown.

Input Etc:
Cougar 700K Mechanical Gaming Keyboard on NeoSeeker.
Sentey Lumenata Pro Gamer Series Mouse on Tweaktown.
Steelseries Kinzu V3 on OCAholic.
CM Storm Octane Mouse & Keyboard Combo on eTeknix.
Cougar 200K Scissor Gaming Keyboard on PureOC.

Video Cards:
PowerColor R9 285 2GB Turbo Duo on Modders-Inc.
XFX Double Dissipation R9 290 (4GB) on TechnologyX.
Zotac GeForce GTX980 AMP Omega Edition on Bjorn3D.

Synology DS1815+ on TechPowerUp.
ASUS USB 3.1 Type-A Card on LegitReviews.
OCZ Vector 180 SATA SSD Full Capacity Roundup - Barefoot 3 M00 with PFM Plus on PCPerspective.
Mushkin Chronos 480GB on LanOC.
Crucial BX100 1TB Solid State Drive on eTeknix.
Kingston Technologies Data Traveler microDuo 3 on Bjorn3D.
Patriot Ignite 480GB Solid State Drive on ThinkComputers.
Crucial MX200 250GB SSD on NikKTech.
Kingston HyperX Predator M.2 PCIe SSD (480GB) on TheSSDReview.

KLevv Genuine 2666MHz DDR3 16GB Dual-Channel Memory Kit on Tweaktown.
KLevv Neo 2400MHz DDR3 16GB Dual-Channel Memory Kit on Tweaktown.

Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Review - Making Light, Personal on Tweaktown.
Battlefield Hardline Benchmarked on TechSpot.
Gigabyte X99 SOC Champion Overclocking Motherboard on HWAsylum.

Thursday Afternoon (5 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 26-March-2015  13:54:50 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The internet is abuzz with news that the BBC have dropped Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear, after investigating an "unprovoked physical and verbal attack" on a BBC producer. Responding to the news, Prime Minister David Cameron said he believed that "if you do something wrong at work there can be consequences" and that "aggressive and abusive behaviour is not acceptable in the workplace". Discussion of Top Gear UK continues in this thread.

Internode co-founder and now NBN Co board member Simon Hackett has indicated FTTP is still his preference over FTTN. "Ideally, the NBN would have been built with 100 percent fibre," said Hackett at the Communications Alliance's Fast Forward/Rewind event in Sydney on Wednesday. "[But] it's not my money."

SMH have a guide to the new video services recently released in Australia. Netflix, Quickflix, Presto and Stan are all fighting for your attention, but how easy are they to use and how hard will they hammer your internet connection?

Meanwhile the website blocking legislation has been introduced to Parliament today. Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull today introduced proposed laws to allow content owners to apply for websites faciliating online piracy to be blocked, taking over responsibility for the bill from Attorney-General George Brandis.

Wired report on an interesting upcoming NASA mission, which is a test run for a Mars mission. Except it’s not a movie: That’s the real-life idea for the Asteroid Redirect Mission, which NASA announced today. Other than simply being an awesome space version of the claw arcade game (you know you really wanted that stuffed Pikachu), the mission will let NASA test technology and practice techniques needed for going to Mars.

I don't normally link Kickstarter stuff, but there's a drive to get a new Descent: Underground game up and running. Descent was, from memory, the first proper game I ever played all the way through on the PC. I used to have Descent dreams.. Descent is back! Pilot your ship & battle foes through twisting, turning tunnels with unrestricted 3D movement & FPS action in Zero-G!

Thursday Morning Reviews (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 26-March-2015  01:27:42 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Motherboard & CPU:
ASUS X99-A on ThinkComputers.
A10-6800K vs. Core i3-4150 CPU on HWSecrets.
Gigabyte X99 SOC Champion, Budget Overclocker on Bjorn3D.
AMD A8-7650k Kaveri APU on eTeknix.
ASRock X99 WS-E Motherboard on TheSSDReview.

OCZ Vector 180 480GB SSD on LegitReviews.
Enermax EMK3203 3.5? Mobile RAID Rack with 2x 2.5? Drive Bays on eTeknix.
Seagate ST3000DM001 3TB HDD on TechnologyX.
OCZ Vector 180 SSD on TheSSDReview.
OCZ Vector 180 960GB SSD on Tweaktown.
OCZ Vector 180 Series SSD on Guru3D.
480GB HyperX Predator M.2 PCIe SSD on LegitReviews.
OCZ Vector 180 SSD on HWHeaven.
OCZ Vector 180 Solid State Drive on HotHardware.
OCZ's Vector 180 solid-state drive on TechReport.
OCZ Vector 180 480 Gigabyte on OCAholic.
Western Digital RED 6TB 3.5? NAS HDD Four Disk RAID on eTeknix.
Plextor M6e Black Edition PCI Express SSD on TechnologyX.
Synology DiskStation DS3615xs on LegionHW.
Stockplop Pure Plop Superspeed USB 3.0 SSD Enclosure on TheSSDReview.
Silicon Power Slim S80 240GB SSD on TheSSDReview.

Portable & Prebuilt:
ASUS Reveals The Transformer Book Chi & ZenBook UX305 on TechARP.
Posh Mobile Titan HD E500 Octa-Core 1.4GHz Smartphone on ModSynergy.
HTC One M9 on TechSpot.

Video Cards:
Battlefield Hardline VGA graphics performance on Guru3D.
Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X on LegionHW.

Wednesday Morning (1 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 25-March-2015  09:58:52 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Scott Ludlam still seems to be the primary voice of opposition to the data retention scheme in Parliament. Ludlam began by expressing his frustrations with the blanket-nature in which the bills are going to pass, and the lack of broad democratic process that's been involved in the bill's debate. But far from simply targeting the Government about the legislation, Ludlam sharpest barbs were saved for the Labor party and their perceived cave-in and lack of opposition in debating and challenging the bill on some of its finer points.

If you're also opposed to the data retention scheme, you can protest by going dark today. This scheme is rushed, costly, ineffective, and against the public interest. Also, absurdly, the flawed legislation leaves open numerous loopholes, which can be used to evade the scheme. This means the data retention dragnet will capture the data of innocent Australians and cost millions of dollars, while allowing those who don't want to be caught to remain hidden.

Live video streaming service Twitch is the latest to report report a security issue and requires users to change their passwords. "For your protection, we have expired passwords and stream keys and have disconnected accounts from Twitter and YouTube," reads the statement. "As a result, you will be prompted to create a new password the next time you attempt to log into your Twitch account. We also recommend that you change your password at any website where you use the same or a similar password."

Forum Projects (1 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 24-March-2015  18:29:47 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Here's some interesting things from people in the forums:

samus checked out the
Dell Venue Pro 11 7000

mrfocal is making an
Iron Man themed PC

Free bee is re-inventing
the Super Lanboy

Mrfocal also has an
impressive Stacker Mark-S

Ausbullant has a system with
a free-standing radiator

gazza30 reviewed the
DeepCool Captain 360

Monday Night (4 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 23-March-2015  23:36:31 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Telstra have apparently run out of IPv4 addresses - which some people believe will affect data retention, thanks Tony and mpot. During a panel session at Cisco Live last week, Burgess said Telstra's use of CGNAT would make no difference to its ability to adhere to the requirements of the Government's proposed data retention scheme. The scheme requires telcos and internet service providers to retain the so-called metadata of their customers for two years to assist law enforcement.

NASA & Planetary Resources have released a new app which will let the public hunt for dangerous asteroids. Protecting the Earth from the threat of asteroid impacts means first knowing where they are. NASA & Planetary Resources are harnessing the incredible potential of innovators, makers and citizen scientists by opening up the search. In an increasingly connected world, NASA recognizes the value of the public as a partner in addressing some of the country’s most pressing challenges. We need your help in identifying asteroids – and to help further this effort, we’ve built an application that enables everyone, everywhere, to help solve this global challenge.

NVIDIA's CEO and Elon Musk gave a joint keynote at GTC 2015, covering Titan X, deep learning and autonomous cars. One of the highlights of today’s opening keynote at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference in San Jose (GTC) was NVIDIA CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang’s invited special guest, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk and the “fireside chat” the two were scheduled to hold. Frankly, it was a bit shorter than expected, but when two visionaries take the stage, time does tend to fly, figuratively and literally. There’s no question, Jen-Hsun Huang is a visionary when it comes to visual computing, but Musk, Musk thinks way outside the box on a lot of things – from Electric Vehicles, to Hyperloop supersonic transport, to autonomous cars that are so reliable, they're safer on the road than humans.

A few people pointed out this flaw in the NSW iVote system. Since we’ve both done extensive research on the design and analysis of Internet voting systems, we decided to perform an independent security review of iVote. We’ll prepare a more extensive technical report after the election, but we’re writing today to share news about critical vulnerabilities we found that have put tens of thousands of votes at risk. We discovered a major security hole allowing a man-in-the middle attacker to read and manipulate votes. We also believe there are ways to circumvent the verification mechanism.

Also, it seems that your BIOS might be at risk. The attack could be used to render a computer unusable, but it could also be used to steal passwords and intercept encrypted data. The problem affects motherboards from companies including Gigabyte, Acer, MSI, HP and Asus. It is exacerbated by manufactures reusing codes across multiple UEFI BIOSes and places home users, businesses and governments at risk.

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