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Sunday Night Reviews (0 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 7-March-2021  21:37:29 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Arctic BioniX P120 A-RGB fan on OCInside.
Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360 Sub-Zero AIO cooler on LanOC.
Cooler Master MasterAir MA612 Stealth ARGB CPU Cooler on FunkyKit.

Video Cards:
Zotac GeForce RTX 3080 AMP Holo on TechPowerUp.
MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Gaming X Trio 12G on NeoSeeker.
Nvidia RTX 3070 Laptop vs Desktop GPU on TechSpot.
EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 XC Black Gaming on NeoSeeker.
Inno3D GeForce RTX 3060 Ti iCHILL X3 on Tweaktown.

Sabrent EC-SSD2 Dual-Drive NVMe USB Type-C Enclosure on Tweaktown.
Lexar Play 256GB microSDXC UHS-I Card on FunkyKit.
Western Digital WD_BLACK AN1500 2TB Solid State Drive on APHNetworks.
Crucial X6 & X8 Portable Solid State Drives on ThinkComputers.
WD_BLACK D50 1TB Thunderbolt Dock on Tweaktown.
iStorage Datashur BT USB Flash Drive on ThinkComputers.

Input Etc:
Logitech Pro X Superlight gaming mouse on LanOC.
Genesis THOR 420 RGB Slim Mechanical Keyboard on FunkyKit.
Corsair MM700 & Corsair Katar Pro XT mouse and pad on Guru3D.

MS Flight Simulator (2020): the 2021 PC graphics performance benchmark review on Guru3D.
Loop Hero game on OCClub.

Home Security:
Novostella 20W RGBCW Smart LED Flood Light on BigBruin.
Reolink RLC-423 camera (video review) by OCClub.

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL DDR4-3600 MHz CL18 2x8 GB on TechPowerUp.
Gigabyte Z590 AORUS Master motherboard on TechPowerUp.
Chieftronic GPX-750FC Power Supply Unit on NikKTech.
EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid earbuds on Vortez.
Antec P10 FLUX Performance Series Mid-Tower on Tweaktown.
ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000 Wi-Fi 6e Router on Tweaktown.
ORICO Aluminum Powered USB Hub on PCTestBench.

Misc Pics (30 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 5-March-2021  14:52:09 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Happy birthday to two special people in my life today - only one of whom reads the OCAU newspage. :)

Wednesday Night (5 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 3-March-2021  21:39:42 (GMT +10) - by Agg

France are working on a repairability index for consumer goods. In a world-first move last month, France began requiring makers of certain electronic devices, including smartphones and laptops, to tell consumers how repairable their products are. Manufacturers selling these devices in France must give their products a score, or “repairability index,” based on a range of criteria, including how easy it is to take the product apart and the availability of spare parts and technical documents. While France won’t be enforcing use of the index with fines until next year, some companies have already begun releasing scores for their products.

The University of Colorado meanwhile are working on turning you into a battery, but not in a take-the-blue-pill way. The device, described today in the journal Science Advances, is stretchy enough that you can wear it like a ring, a bracelet or any other accessory that touches your skin. It also taps into a person's natural heat—employing thermoelectric generators to convert the body's internal temperature into electricity. "In the future, we want to be able to power your wearable electronics without having to include a battery," said Jianliang Xiao, senior author of the new paper and an associate professor in the Paul M. Rady Department of Mechanical Engineering at CU Boulder.

I stumbled across this random article about Australia's combat drones. Just days after the first flight of the Boeing Airpower Teaming System combat drone that’s being developed for Australia, the company confirmed this unmanned aircraft will also provide the basis for its offering for the U.S. Air Force’s Skyborg loyal wingman program. In the meantime, the Royal Australian Air Force, or RAAF, has doubled its order for the drone, now buying six examples in total, as the program continues to hit new milestones.

I missed this earlier so there is possibly more up to date info now, but a proposed new bill could have ramifications for adult content in Australia. Under new draft laws, the eSafety Commissioner could order your nude selfies, sex education or slash fiction to be taken down from the internet with just 24 hours notice. Officially, the Morrison government’s new bill aims to improve online safety. But in doing so, it gives broad, discretionary powers to the commissioner, with serious ramifications for anyone who engages with sexual content online. Actually here's a more recent article with Google's take on it.

VLSI Technology, a company from the far distant past, has emerged from the grave and claimed $2.18B damages from Intel for patent infringements. The last time it was an independent company was in 1999, when Philips purchased the semiconductor design firm for $1 billion. Its assets later traveled to Philips spinoff NXP (which you may know from its tap-to-pay NFC chips, among other things). NXP will reportedly get some of Intel’s money, too. One of VLSI’s claims to fame was being part of the original project with Apple and Acorn to produce the first ARM processors — and the ARM company — responsible for the underpinnings of the chips that now appear in every smartphone, most tablets, and a growing number of laptops and servers.

I'm not going to pretend I fully understand this, but here's some hardcore nerdery to figure out how to improve GTA Online loading times by 70%. GTA Online. Infamous for its slow loading times. Having picked up the game again to finish some of the newer heists I was shocked (/s) to discover that it still loads just as slow as the day it was released 7 years ago. It was time. Time to get to the bottom of this.

I have quite a long commute at the moment, but I can't quite make the leap to an electric car just yet. Wouldn't it be great if the car charged itself from solar energy as I drove along? The dream began in 1955, with a tiny, toylike creation called the "Sunmobile." Built from balsa wood and hobby shop tires, it was just 15 inches long. The 12 selenium solar cells that decorated its exterior produced less horsepower than an actual horse. But it was proof of a concept: Sunlight alone can make a vehicle run.

nVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 2-March-2021  22:17:37 (GMT +10) - by Agg

NVIDIA recently released the GeForce RTX 3060. This seems an oddball product at first glance, with more RAM than the 3060 Ti but less cores. It's priced pretty low because they're aiming it directly at the stragglers who have yet to upgrade from a 1060 6GB or lower-to-midrange 20x0-series card. Of course it doesn't matter what it costs if, like every other recent GPU launch, there's none of them on shelves to be bought. One way they are addressing that is by having a mining-specific version and (allegedly) intentionally nerfing the hash rate of this new card in order to make it less appealing to miners. Anyway, here's some reviews from the news box:

Inno3D GeForce RTX 3060 iCHILL X3 RED on Tweaktown.
EVGA RTX 3060 XC Black on LanOC.
Colorful iGame GeForce RTX 3060 Advanced OC 12GB on NikKTech.
EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 XC Gaming on ThinkComputers.
GeForce RTX 3060 Review: NVIDIA's Most Affordable Ampere Yet on HotHardware.
ASUS GeForce RTX 3060 STRIX Gaming OC on Guru3D.
EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 XC Gaming on Guru3D.
MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Gaming X TRIO on Guru3D.
PALIT GeForce RTX 3060 DUAL OC on Guru3D.
ZOTAC GeForce RTX 3060 AMP WHITE on Guru3D.
MSI GeForce RTX 3060 GAMING X TRIO on Tweaktown.
EVGA RTX 3060 XC Black on OCClub.
MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Gaming X Trio on ThinkComputers.
MSI RTX 3060 Gaming X Trio on LanOC.
The Mega 50+ Game RTX 3060 Launch Review – Part 1, Virtual Reality on BabelTechReviews.
The Mega 50+ Game RTX 3060 Launch Review – Part 2 on BabelTechReviews.

Discussion continues in this enormous thread.

Tuesday Evening Reviews (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 2-March-2021  20:41:59 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Motherboard & CPU:
ASRock Z590 Extreme Wi-Fi 6E Motherboard on Tweaktown.
ASRock B550 Taichi Razer Edition Motherboard on Tweaktown.
ASRock B550 Taichi Razer Edition AMD AM4 Motherboard on OCInside.

Silicon Power UD70 PCIe Gen3x4 M.2 2280 1TB SSD on MadShrimps.
Intel SSD 670p Review: Snappy, Budget-Friendly NVMe Storage on HotHardware.
Intel 670p 2TB M.2 SSD on Tweaktown.
Patriot Viper VP4100 PCIe 4.0 NVMe Solid State Drive on ThinkComputers.
Lexar Professional 128GB 1066x SDXC UHS-I Card on FunkyKit.

Audio Visual:
Alienware AW2721D 27" Gaming Monitor on TechSpot.
In-Home Streaming Faceoff: Steam Remote Play vs. Moonlight on TechSpot.

Streacom DA2 V2 (Black) ITX Chassis on FunkyKit.
Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact video review by OCClub.

Input Etc:
EVGA Z15 RGB Optical Mechanical Gaming Keyboard on FunkyKit.
EVGA Z20 RGB Optical Mechanical Gaming Keyboard on FunkyKit.
CORSAIR KATAR PRO XT and MM700 RGB mouse and pad on Vortez.
Corsair Katar Pro XT Review mouse on NeoSeeker.
Corsair Katar PRO XT Optical Mouse on APHNetworks.
CORSAIR KATAR PRO XT Ultra-Light Gaming Mouse on MadShrimps.

Arctic P12 Slim PWM PST fans on OCInside.
Arctic Freezer 50 CPU cooler on OCInside.

QNAP QHora-301W SMB Router on Tweaktown.

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