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Wednesday Morning (12 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 15-February-2012  02:35:47 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Parliament is back in session, and PlayerAttack report on how that brings the R18+ rating for games potentially closer. Things currently look quietly positive for the Bill - and for Australian gamers - but as with all things in politics, things won't move quickly. The R18+ legislation could still be a year or two off, according to experts.

Meanwhile the Parliament House website is over-budget and overdue. A "major breach" of Australia's Parliament House computer network partly contributed to a $600,000 cost blowout and 12-month delay in constructing the newly designed parliament website which is due to launch to the public this Friday evening.

Engadget report on a new monster laptop from Origin, thanks asher. Insane customization options include the Core i7-3960X Extreme CPU and two overclocked 2GB GeForce GTX 580M GPUs in an SLI bridge -- just for note, this particular configuration requires two 300 watt power adapters. It'll also accommodate up to four hard drives and 32GB of memory.

NASA have powered down their last mainframe. This month marks the end of an era in NASA computing. Marshall Space Flight Center powered down NASA’s last mainframe, the IBM Z9 Mainframe.

Tweaktown report on an Extreme OC Workshop recently in Brisbane. The format is easy - give Australian computer enthusiasts an opportunity to try their hand at extreme overclocking with liquid nitrogen. Applications were taken online at top enthusiast websites within Australia, 16 names were picked at random and they were divided in to four groups and mentored by a member of TeamAU.

Sabz spotted this amazing photo technology. Remove captures several images in a row, analyses them and automatically creates a composite photo devoid of unwanted details. Better yet, it highlights potential objects and lets you eliminate them manually.

Tech Report took a closer look at the new AMD. AMD has a new management team and a new direction. They recently shared their vision for the company's future, and we were there, listening and then chatting with new CTO Mark Papermaster. Read on for our report.

TheSSDReport have a guide to SSD advertised performance. This is the fourth paper in a series of articles that explain the benefits, types and components of a solid state drive and will go so far as to make up our SSD Beginner Guide. Each article is designed to be easily understood and will enable the reader to become proficient in every aspect of the SSD as it relates to their specific computing needs.

Malcolm sent in some possible future HDD technology. An international team of scientists has demonstrated a revolutionary new way of magnetic recording which will allow information to be processed hundreds of times faster than by current hard drive technology.

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