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Monday Evening (3 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 19-March-2012  20:47:06 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Metamorphosis pointed out this huge list of indie games, many of which are free to some extent. INDIE GAMES 2011 - 2013 : JAW DROPPING GAMES THAT WEREN'T MADE BY THE BIG COMPANIES.

R18+ gaming is getting closer, according to the Attorney-General's office. Australia is a significant step closer to an R18+ adult rating for video games, with legislation today passing through the House of Representatives. .. All State and Territory Attorneys-General support the current bill, after agreeing to the reform at the July 2011 meeting of the Standing Council on Law and Justice.

TheSSDReview have info on a free SSD online seminar series in early April. It may be all marketing fluff or it may be interesting, but registration is required. Over thirty topics will be discussed which cross into all avenues of the SSD arena and include Client and Enterprise SSD Overviews, Solid State Disks: Strengths, Weaknesses and Issues, PCI Express Implementation, How to Pick The Right SSD For The Job as well as lectures that discuss SSD performance and endurance testing.

Anthony sent in this digital post info. Zumbox, a provider of digital postal mail, is powering the innovative digital post system for the region. Deploying now, the system allows consumers to receive their important postal mail, such as bills, statements, insurance documents, warrantees, government mail, stock and brokerage disclosures and annual reports, in one central online location. This information is stored securely forever, for free. Hrm, is that particularly useful?

Apple has nearly $100B burning a hole in its pocket, and will apparently do something with some of it soon. Apple is holding a conference call bright and early Monday morning to announce plans for its large cash balance. The company is sitting on around $98 billion in cash, and investors are getting increasingly antsy and clamoring for a dividend or share buyout.

A few people sent in this impressive TRON dance video.

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