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Friday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 13-April-2012  13:06:04 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Ooooh, Friday the 13th. Meh.

Slate have an article on how patent trolls hurt us all, even in the field of medicine. Over the past dozen or so years, hospitals across the country have gone digital, leading to better patient outcomes and making hangar-size file-storage facilities obsolete. But even as more hospitals opted into using computer records, the leading vendors of picture storage software—an important component of medical records—completely stopped introducing new products to the market.

On a hopefully-not-related note, Microsoft are buying $1B worth of AOL patents. The lofty price — $1.3 million a patent — reflects the crucial role that patents are increasingly playing in the business and legal strategies of the world’s major technology companies, including Microsoft, Apple, Google, Samsung and HTC.

Telstra are looking to upgrade their Next G network to cope with increased load. As a general rule, the network is performing very well. I mean, we've added about two and a half million customers in 18 months, and the statistics across the network we're still pretty happy with, but we still have a few cells we're having to catch up on, where a practical issue slows things down."

eTeknix checked out the free MMORPG version of Need For Speed. EA released in the free-to-play format for Windows PC’s. For those of you who have played older Need For Speed titles, this game will immediately seem very familiar, taking from the visual and play style of titles such as NFS: Underground, Most Wanted and Carbon, as opposed to the more recent simulation style games like NFS: Shift.

ThinkComputers walk you through Installing Win8 from a USB drive. If you have ever installed any Windows operating system from a CD or DVD you know it can be very time consuming. Why not speed up the process by installing the operating system using a USB flash drive. In this article we will show you how to take the Window 8 ISO and put it on a flash drive for fast and easy installation.

PCPerspective compared two tablets, namely the iPad 3 and ASUS Transformer Prime. We reviewed the Prime when it hit store shelves earlier this year and concluded that it was the best Android tablet money can buy. That makes a comparison with the new iPad obvious.

Lurks sent in this nerd feeding frenzy, which surely set some kind of record. We would like to thank everyone for their great interest in our Nvidia Graphics Card for PLEX Offer. The limited stock of 100 cards was sold out after the amazingly short time of 1 minute and 48 seconds!

Tweaktown toured an SSD factory. We were exclusively invited into the Kingston factory where few media have been and got shown the process of making an SSD from start to finish. Due to media restrictions, we were not allowed to produce a video of the tour, but we were allowed to take photos. Obviously Kingston is a market leader in memory and SSD products and there is plenty of sensitive machinery and such - and we needed to respect that and their rules."

They also revisited Lucid Virtu MVP multi-GPU technology. For a lot of us Lucid is a bit of a dirty word that reminds us of this almost useless kind of technology that let us combine NVIDIA and AMD video cards together for added performance. It never really kicked off for the most part and we haven't heard heaps about them for a little bit. Lucid Virtu MVP, though, is the latest technology from the company and it's something we're starting to see motherboard manufacturers promote. Today we're going to check out what it's about while also see what it does on the performance side of things."

This video is apparently the winning entry from a recent 64KB demo competition. Impressive stuff, regardless of the size.. that's what she said.

Speaking of videos, I don't normally like syrupy feelgood videos, but this one was pretty cool. Kid makes gaming arcade out of cardboard boxes.

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