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Monday Afternoon (12 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 7-May-2012  14:39:44 (GMT +10) - by Rezin

Phoronix checked out the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. For the most part, I would call Windows 8 a crap wreck, but it is not without a few advantages over Linux.

A New York judge has ruled that an IP address doesn't identify a person and cannot be used to target an individual during mass-BitTorrent lawsuits. The copyright holders who start these cases generally provide nothing more than an IP-address as evidence. They then ask the courts to grant a subpoena, allowing them to ask Internet providers for the personal details of the alleged offenders. The problem, however, is that the person listed as the account holder is often not the person who downloaded the infringing material. Thanks Gunna.

TechSpot Reviews have a short how-to guide on setting up a Raspberry Pi. Along with a hands-on review of the Pi, today we'll be covering basic steps for setting up the computer and other elemental post-installation tasks to get you up and running with applications.

Scorpion Technology are running a Facebook competition where you can win a key for the Counter Strike: Global Offensive Beta. End Date Wednesday 9th May 2012. Restrictions Valid for residents of Australia ONLY. Must be 16 years or older. How to WIN Simply like Scorptec Computers on Facebook and fill out the form within the app. The top 10 best answers will WIN a key and answers will be posted online.

If you miss out on one of those, ThinkComputers also have ten CS:GO keys to give away. We are starting our Month of Giveaways to celebrate the opening of our new forums! Each week we will be giving away a different prize! To start things off we have 10 Beta Keys for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

TechSpot list what they believe are the biggest tech failures of the last 10+ years. In many cases, good products that failed to be marketed properly or were poorly timed, then some others that entirely deserve their bad rep.

Dasuperham noticed that Windows 8 won't have DVD playback, unless you purchase an add-on pack. At the official Building Windows 8 blog, the company justifies the move by claiming that television and DVD use on personal computers is "in sharp decline," and says that it would have to spend "a significant amount in royalties" to offer support for optical media going forward.

Running Mac OS X 10.7.3? You may want to know about this flaw. An Apple programmer, apparently by accident, left a debug flag in the most recent version of the Mac OS X operating system. In specific configurations, applying OS X Lion update 10.7.3 turns on a system-wide debug log file that contains the login passwords of every user who has logged in since the update was applied.

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