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Monday Night (7 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 9-July-2012  23:23:56 (GMT +10) - by Agg

EyeLikeCarrots spotted this story about a loss of data from Australia's Stay Smart Online Alert service. As part of the expiry of contract handover process, the original contractor advised that it copied its SSO Alert Service subscriber database onto a DVD and, on 11 April 2012, posted this DVD to the Department using Australia Postís express post service. Unfortunately, this DVD was never received by the Department. The original contractor has informed the Department that information on the missing DVD included subscribersí: usernames; email addresses; memorable phrases; and passwords which are unreadable (as cryptographic hash).

NASA have released a new Mars Panorama, which is 23096 x 7981 pixels. From fresh rover tracks to an impact crater blasted billions of years ago, a newly completed view from the panoramic camera (Pancam) on NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity shows the ruddy terrain around the outcrop where the long-lived explorer spent its most recent Martian winter. All of which reminded me to check up on the other rover, Spirit, which now seems to be officially dead. Awww.

ArsTechnica have some good news on copyright limitation. Let me use an analogy to explain why this is, nevertheless, a big deal. For USTR to publicly embrace limitations and exceptions as "an important part of the copyright ecosystem" is the equivalent of The Pope saying: "in some cases, birth control is a good thing because it allows married couples to have sex without procreation, deepening their emotional bond with one another."

Here's a newish feature of Google, the Knowledge Graph. Basically it takes a more intelligent approach to search results, giving you related information and not just exact matches. Discover answers to questions you never thought to ask, powered by the Knowledge Graph.

Samsung's Galaxy S3 has fared well in battery tests. The average talk time of the 101 phones Which? has tested was a meagre 315 minutes Ė slightly over five hours. But some phones, such as the HTC Sensation XL and Motorola Gleam fell below even this low benchmark. The HTC lasted just 272 minutes, around four and half hours, while the Gleamís 135 minutes (2 hours, 15 mins) is just embarrassing, and itís not even a smartphone.

NikKTech have a 22-way mousepad comparison. Now for the past 5 or so months Iíve been gathering pretty much every single gaming oriented mousepad i can find in the market in an effort to see which offers the best bang for your buck and today after all these months of testing i can finally release this comparison.

mpot spotted this clever teacher video which pretty much needs no explanation.

Today's timewaster is build with Chrome from ob1. Seems to be mix of Lego and Google Maps which despite the name doesn't seem to require their browser.

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