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Data Retention, Surveillance and Privacy (1 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 18-July-2012  02:05:56 (GMT +10) - by Agg

A few people have expressed concerns about some proposed changes to digital communications and data retention in Australia.

Firstly, from Silicon_Angel: The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security is seeking public submissions in response to reforms proposed increasing and expanding surveillance, collection, retention and access to digital communications and data, including mandatory recording by ISPs of all Internet activity by their customers and storage of these logs for two years, making it a criminal offence to refuse to decrypt data upon request by law enforcement, giving ASIO the power and right to ‘disrupt’ a target computer for the purpose of gaining access to it, or even access to ‘third party’ computers on the way to the target computers, and other changes designed to streamline and simplify the process of warrant acquisition to authorise surveillance and acquisition of communications and data. Submissions close August 6, which is not far away!

More from Gaakor: The Federal Parliament has rejected a number of requests from interested parties to extend the short deadline for submissions to an inquiry into a wide-reaching package of legislative reforms proposed by the Federal Government which the Greens have slammed as constituting a “systematic erosion of privacy” in Australia. - This is serious I would really appreciate OCAU encouraging people to call their MP's and make a submission to the senate committee before time runs out, because the government is trying to rush this through - before it's on peoples radars it will be LAW.

Mark Newton's comments are here. If rational minds were in charge, last week’s announcement by the government of an inquiry into potential reforms of National Security Legislation would be seen as an admission of failure and incompetence from Australia’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies. ... Every year they make nebulous hand-waving gestures about undefined, secret threats that will befall Australia if they don’t get their own way, and every year spineless politicians give them everything they say they need.

GetUp have published their concerns and a petition. Would you copy ASIO in on every personal email you send, include them in every conversation you have with a friend online, or send them your personal photos and videos? Soon, you may not have a choice. ... Right now the Government is considering the most sweeping and radical changes to Australia's surveillance and intelligence laws since the establishment of the original powers in 1979.

I've made a thread with more info here.

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