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Tuesday Morning (5 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 14-August-2012  01:52:40 (GMT +10) - by Agg

I just set up Google Plus for myself, and I seem to have made an OCAU page on there similar to our Facebook and Twitter feeds, but I really have no idea what I'm doing. :) Anyway, if you're a Google+ user, here's the page. I'm kind've assuming I'll just post newsy stuff to it, same as I do on the other pages.

The much-complained-about web surveillance plan has apparently been put on hold until after the next election. In a recent interview, Ms Roxon said she was "not yet convinced" about the merits of the proposal for compulsory data retention that would enable intelligence and security agencies to examine a person's internet usage.

Blizzard are advising that they have been hacked, thanks RnR. Based on Blizzard’s investigation to this point, credit card and other customer payment data does NOT appear to have been accessed or affected. As a precaution, however, Blizzard encourages players to change their Battle.net password and any similar passwords used for other purposes. Discussion here.

Curiosity is now sending back high-resolution photos of Mars, thanks Symon. This image is the first high-resolution color mosaic from NASA's Curiosity rover, showing the geological environment around the rover's landing site in Gale Crater on Mars.

Speaking of which, Shaun spotted an interesting behind-the-scenes take on the previous Mars rovers, including how people have to cope with working in Martian time while living on Earth. Of all the hazards we faced in our exploration of Mars, one of the most dangerous was one that was almost laughably simple: sleep. Or, rather, the lack thereof -- fatigue. Mars was an unforgiving place; we had designed the rovers to be robust, but it was still possible for a single mistake by a single team member to kill them. And fatigue leads to mistakes.

LegitReviews compared three budget Z77 motherboards. We have three motherboards on the chopping block today, the ASRock Z77 Pro3, BIOSTAR TZ77B, and the GIGABYTE Z77-DS3H and each of these boards can be picked up for right under (USD) $100! While they may be aimed towards the budget minded, but we are going to put them through the paces and see how they hold up in our usual tests and of course some overclocking!

Closer to home, and TheReg have a couple of articles about social networking in Australia, with MPs recently demanding a page be removed from Facebook, and the ACCC suggesting companies could be responsible for comments on their Facebook pages. The Bureau decided that “the Facebook site of an advertiser is a marketing communication tool over which the advertiser has a reasonable degree of control”, and consequently, that user comments could count as a breach of the code of ethics the bureau is responsible for enforcing.

Davo1111 points out that Canon's EOS 650D cameras are subject to recall at the moment. The amount of zinc bis (N,N’-dimethyldithiocarbamate) detected during our testing was minimal. Depending on one’s health and physical condition, in rare cases when this substance comes into contact with skin, allergic skin reactions may develop. In addition, if eyes are rubbed after contact with the substance, symptoms, such as red eyes, may develop. Discussion here.

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