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Friday Midday (11 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 24-August-2012  12:45:22 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Microsoft has a new logo, which looks to me like a Windows 8 version of the old logo. Astoundingly, it has been a full quarter-century since Microsoft gave itself a new logo, and while we're sure pundits will jump all over it just because "dealing with change is hard," there's no doubt that the outfit's new face is bold in its simplicity.

Small powerful magnets like buckyballs and similar are now banned in Victoria, NSW and WA, and will probably be banned nation-wide soon. There are risks to toddlers and small children placing the objects in their mouths, as well as a risk from accidental swallowing by teenagers or adults using the magnets as facial jewellery. “The magnets can lock together through intestinal walls and cause perforations and blockages. Urgent surgery may then be required to remove the magnets, to avoid serious medical complications or death,” Mr O’Brien said.

Double-decker buses will be back on the streets of Sydney soon, thanks d00dz. For a city starved of road space during morning and afternoon peak hours, double-deck buses bring their pros and cons. Their obvious advantage is to carry more people in the same amount of space as a regular bus. Their main disadvantage is in the increased "dwell time", or the length of time it takes passengers to alight and board.

Also in Sydney, the retail shopfront war between Samsung and Apple has kicked off again. t's a flagship consumer electronics store on Sydney's George Street with smiling blue shirt-wearing sales staff, a minimalist design and smartphones and tablets that invite customers to pick up and play. But according to Samsung, the new store - just a block from Apple's Sydney store - was all its own idea.

Supplanter meanwhile spotted an article about Google joining the patent fight. In the last year and a half, Apple has filed over 20 lawsuits against smartphone manufacturers Samsung and HTC for the ways in which they have implemented their hardware designs and Android OS implementations. During that time Google has been largely silent, with the only thing closely resembling a corporate stance being a backhanded statement Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt made at a conference in Tokyo last year. When asked about whether Google would provide financial support to HTC should they lose a patent case with Apple, Schmidt said: “We will make sure they don’t lose, then.” That however has been the last statement made by Google about the whole mess. Until now.

News Limited's CEO gave a lengthy speech about how copyright infringement is bad, mmkay. Let’s cut right to the chase. Copyright is about enabling the production of great art and great commercial work – hopefully both. It’s about nurturing the creative process. It’s about supporting business cases and employment. About getting the noblest imaginings of the human mind and human emotions into a form that the whole world can see and share.

The FBI have turned their attention to pirated apps, taking down three websites. "Cracking down on piracy of copyrighted works—including popular apps—is a top priority of the Criminal Division," said Assistant Attorney General Breuer in the government's press release. “Software apps have become an increasingly essential part of our nation’s economy and creative culture.” The FBI says its agents downloaded "thousands of copies of popular copyrighted mobile device apps" to verify the charges against the sites.

iXBTLabs have updated their 3DSpeed comparison. The i3DSpeed informs you about performance of popular graphics cards and the best price/performance deals in the market. This time we upgraded the testbed, added new benchmarks and the test results of the overclocked GeForce GTX 570 and GTX 560 Ti.

NASA's Curiosity rover is now roving, away from the original landing site, which they have announced has been named in honour of recently-deceased science fiction author Ray Bradury. NASA has approved the Curiosity science team's choice to name the landing ground for the influential author who was born 92 years ago today and died this year. The location where Curiosity touched down is now called Bradbury Landing.

Dukeymeng is running another lame game marathon next month to raise money for charity.

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