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Wednesday Evening (13 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 29-August-2012  20:13:43 (GMT +10) - by Agg

It's being suggested everyone needs to disable Java as there's a new exploit doing the rounds, thanks Gunna. A new browser-based exploit for a Java vulnerability that allows attackers to execute arbitrary code on client systems has been spotted in the wild – and because of Oracle's Java patch schedule, it may be some time before a fix becomes widely available.

AMD have shared some new info about upcoming Steamroller APUs, with info on PC Perspective, HotHardware and Tech Report. AMD is slowly but surely revising its next-gen CPU microarchitecture in order to realize its potential. The upcoming core code-named Steamroller looks to address this architecture's biggest problem: single-threaded performance in desktop-class applications.

The recent jury decision against Samsung and favouring Apple has drawn some criticism, and now it seems even the jurors aren't that fond of their decision. Late Friday afternoon, the jury in the Apple/Samsung patent dispute surprised just about everyone by telling the court it had reached a verdict. Given the number of complex issues it needed to go through, most experts expected it to take well into this week. According to observers in the courtroom, one of Apple's lawyers was so surprised and unprepared that he had to rush back to court without a suit, and showed up in a polo shirt.

BugsBunny spotted this article about the world of trolls. His first act was innocuous enough: he weighed in on a discussion about religion and claimed to have disproved everything people had written. Since then his trolling has become more vicious and destructive.

Wired report on online warfare with info from the USAF. The latest example comes from the U.S. Air Force, which last week announced its interest in methods “to destroy, deny, degrade, disrupt, deceive, corrupt, or usurp the adversaries [sic] ability to use the cyberspace domain for his advantage.” But that’s only one item in a long list of “Cyberspace Warfare Operations Capabilities” that the Air Force would like to possess.

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