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Tuesday Morning (8 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 9-October-2012  02:28:16 (GMT +10) - by Agg

I've been fascinated by John Horton Conway's game of Life since my dad showed me an article on it in a magazine when I was a kid. I've played it on grid paper and written versions of it in a couple of programming languages. Anyway, Asher spotted that there's a Google Easter Egg of it now, with more info in this article.

The US Congress have declared Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE to be security threats after a year-long investigation. The committee said both companies failed to provide adequate answers to lawmakers' questions about their relationship with the Chinese government. "China has the means, opportunity and motive to use telecommunications companies for malicious purposes," said the report, due to be published on the committee's website. More info here.

Julian Assange is apparently considering suing the Prime Minister for defamation. But Mr Assange says it has led to credit card companies barring customers from donating to WikiLeaks. "Mastercard Australia in justifying why it has made a blockade that prevents any Australian Mastercard holder from donating to WikiLeaks, used that statement by Julia Gillard this year as justification," he said. "So the effects of this statement are ongoing and they directly affect the financial viability of WikiLeaks."

The first commercial mission to the Space Station has successfully launched. Itís the first of 12 supply missions under a contract with NASA worth $1.6 Billion, and it marks a return to regular flights from US soil to the space station, after the end of the shuttle program. NASA administrator Charlie Bolden, who made a brief statement to reporters after the launch, described it as a critical moment for NASA and the US.

AMD's Trinity has been overclocked to 7.3GHz using liquid nitrogen. According to PCGamesHardware.de, the overclockers disabled two of the A10-5800K's cores, allowing the APU to exceed speeds of 7.3GHz.

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