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Monday Morning (10 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 22-October-2012  01:19:44 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Google launched a new cheap Chromebook recently, but it seems they're struggling to hit profit targets. Third- quarter profit excluding some items was $9.03 a share, below estimated (GOOG) profit of $10.65 a share. The stock tumbled 8 percent after the results were inadvertently released early.

OCZ seem to be suffering financially lately too. In the last week, the company has shed nearly 50% of its value and as of this article’s posting shares are trading at a mere $1.49. The company is also staring down the twin barrels of numerous investigations and lawsuits which allege securities fraud alongside other infringements. This situation has prompted some analysts to predict that the only way some of OCZ’s assets can be secured is through a bankruptcy filing.

Meanwhile CloudFlare have an interesting approach to datacentre rollouts. But there was something else relatively significant about the Seoul data center and the other 9 facilities set up this summer: despite the fact that the company owned every router and every server in their racks, and each had been configured with great care to handle the demands of CloudFlare's CDN and security services, no one from CloudFlare had ever set foot in them. All that came from CloudFlare directly was a six-page manual instructing facility managers and local suppliers on how to rack and plug in the boxes shipped to them.

Anandtech compare some Ivy Bridge memory kits. Fast forward a month or so, and we have compiled a series of tests taking advantage of some of the most memory limited examples common to most users – IGP performance using memory from DDR3-1333 to DDR3-2400. Inside this review we have also mixed in some encoding, compression, and you may be surprised to hear that USB 3.0 performance is also affected by memory speed. In this article we also look at and review the memory kits that G.Skill has gracefully provided from their Ares, Sniper, RipjawsX, RipjawsZ and TridentX brands.

A man has hired someone to slap him whenever he goes on Reddit or Facebook. He seems to have a bit of a thing for being slapped though, so it might backfire. Anyway, I recently blocked Facebook, Reddit and a few other time-sucking sites via a line in my hosts file. It's easy enough to comment out when I want to, but it's surprising how often during blocked periods I find myself staring at the blank tab telling me it can't load the page I have tried to load out of sheer habit. Presumably there are programs out there that can block and unblock things according to certain schedules... hrm.

There's an official trailer for Halo 4 out.

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