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Thursday Afternoon (4 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 25-October-2012  15:24:01 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Mr.T sends word that Adam Internet have been bought by Telstra. Executive director and sole shareholder Mr Hicks would not confirm the $55 million takeover sum. But he said the deal would ensure the jobs of 200 SA-based staff and survival of a business which had about 25 per cent of the local broadband market. Mr Hicks, who began the business from his Flagstaff Hill home in 1984, said he had staved off dozens of takeover offers over the years, including one from iiNet two months before it bought Internode for $105 million in 2011.

Apple have a new iPad Mini - Engadget covered the launch. There's also a new iMac, which includes some new NVIDIA GPUs. The new GeForce GTX 680MX and GTX 675MX are equipped with more CUDA cores than their M variants. GeForce GTX 680MX is now considered the fastest mobile GPU, since it has full 1536 CUDA cores known from desktop GTX 680 with Kepler GK104.

As part of their plan to have us explore the world from our PC chairs, Google have been trekking the Grand Canyon for Street View. On its first official outing, the Street View team is using the Trekker—a wearable backpack with a camera system on top—to traverse the Grand Canyon and capture 360-degree images of one of the most breathtaking natural landscapes on the planet.

CNET UK went to a recent 3D printer conference to see the current state of the art. Experts from industries as diverse as fashion, movie production, and architecture are taking advantage of the new technology to assist them creatively. That doesn't necessarily mean we'll all be wearing clothes and shoes melded from spools of plastic in the future, but the speed and relative low cost of printing has significantly simplified the process for sampling and testing new designs.

Microsoft's Windows 8 event will be tonight our time, and PCWorld wonder what we don't already know about it. Windows 8 is the new operating system that will run on desktop PCs, Ultrabooks, hybrids, all-in-ones and almost all tablets—basically any hardware stuffed with x86 silicon. Windows RT is the system that runs on low-cost, ARM processor-based tablets, of which only a small handful have been announced.

Showing that fanboys from either camp are just as annoying, there's a video of what Android fanatics say, following up on the earlier Apple fanatics say one. :)

Gigabyte have a questionnaire with prizes.

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