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Friday Morning (2 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 1-February-2013  11:19:21 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Everlong spotted this cool custom adjustable desk case with a worklog here. After making a couple of desks its time to take it to another level this time i came up with some ideas to lift the desk with lifting columns.I also decided to lift the sreens with a lift column. The desk can be used by small and big people you can even stand up and work at the desk.

Alch sent in this new 1.8 billion pixel camera (not 1.8 billion megapixel, Mr Editor) which is unsurprisingly made for the US Defence Dept. Once combined, the chips create a 1.8 billion pixel real-time video spanning a 29 square kilometre area at 15 framed per second which is then beamed back to the spooks in their offices half-a-world away. These operatives can then zoom in on any area of interest at will.

Meanwhile our Defence techs are continuing to embrace Linux. Contractor BAE's Linux systems engineer, Jamie Birse, told linux.conf.au attendees that more than 1000 operational, development and research systems were in line to be shifted off proprietary Tru64 and VMS-based systems onto Intel-based servers running Red Hat Enterprise Linux. More than 600 systems have already been migrated.

A few people sent word of Gaming for a Cause. On the 19th of December a good friend of mine Kylie and her husband Eric gave birth to a healthy baby boy via a Caesarean Section. Shortly after her operation Kylie lost a lot of blood which lead to her heart stopping and was saved after 25 minutes of CPR. Kylie has since been diagnosed with severe brain damage to the portion of the brain that controls motor function and consciousness. As a result of all that has happened Eric has had to close his business and needs to travel in excess of 130km each day to be with Kylie as well as support his family through this tough time. Donations are encouraged if you can help out. More info here.

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