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Wednesday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 11-January-2017  15:09:40 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Yahoo's slow decline seems to have reached its inevitable conclusion, with Verizon buying it, changing its name to Altaba and getting rid of the CEO. After her company officially sells to Verizon, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is stepping down from the board. It's been in the headlines for months that Yahoo is selling itself to the telecom giant for $4.8 billion. But actually, it's a little more complicated than that. Not all of the company is being sold, just Yahoo's consumer web business, which includes Yahoo Mail and Sports. Now the leftovers of the company after the Verizon sale have an official name: Altaba. Yahoo announced the news in an SEC filing on Monday.

With CES over, there's the usual "Best Of" coverage, from TechSpot and HotHardware. WindowsCentral meanwhile found the dumbest stuff. Tech Report have a news recap as well. Well, CES 2017 is over. We don't know if you were busy last week, but things were pretty crazy here at TR HQ. We doubled down on CES coverage and did our best to take a good look at all the hardware news that poured out from the show. Check out our full coverage below.

Also from CES, news that Razor's three-screen laptop prototypes have been stolen. Razer said the laptops had gone missing from its booth at the tech show on Sunday. The incident was being taken "very seriously", said chief executive Min-Liang Tan. A Razer spokesman said it was offering $25,000 (£20,600) for any "original information leading to the identification, arrest and conviction" of those allegedly involved in the crime.

There's free WiFi coming to Sydney buses, but people are concerned about privacy. “At this stage, the trial is ongoing and the outcome of the trial will determine any further roll-out to the rest of the transport network,” the spokesperson said. Buses equipped with the Catch technology are understood to be operating out of the Ryde, Waverley, Leichhardt and North Sydney depots. However, they are not designated to particular routes, meaning passengers across Sydney's bus network could have an opportunity to trial Catch, should they choose to do so.

MongoDB users should be aware of a new ransomware attack in the wild - thanks Skymaster. The attackers didn’t need to bother with malware to gain access to the database or the information saved within—the door was wide open since these MongoDB installations used the default configuration, which allowed unauthenticated connections via port 27017. These databases were fully accessible from the internet, and anyone connecting via that port had full administrator rights to read, create, update, and delete records. Ouch.

LG are going all-in on WiFi for home gadgets, thanks metamorphosis. Now that phenomenon is reaching its logical endpoint: during the company's CES press conference today, LG marketing VP David VanderWaal says that "starting this year" all of LG's home appliances will feature "advanced Wi-Fi connectivity." One of the flagship appliances that will make good on this promise is the Smart Instaview Refrigerator, a webOS-powered Internet-connected fridge that among other things supports integration with Amazon's Alexa service.

That's all fine, until voice control goes haywire. A San Diego TV station sparked complaints this week – after an on-air report about a girl who ordered a dollhouse via her parents' Amazon Echo caused Echoes in viewers' homes to also attempt to order dollhouses. What kind of system just orders something without confirming the price?

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