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Misc Bits (12 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 9-July-2005  17:29:54 (GMT +10) - by Agg

A few things sitting around the newsbox..

Les Tutt, who's been around OCAU since way back, was inspired by my recent pics of our next server here and here. He sent in a few pics of a new toy at his work: Model HP Proliant ML370 G4. 2 x 3.4GHZ Xeons. 2GB DDR400 (registered 3 bit parity - only a maximum of 4GB though). 6 x 36GB Ultra320 SCSI's 15K rpm. 2 x 780 Watt redundant PSU's.


Ram Fails in one of these babies it emails us to tell us which server and which dimm etc - machine still running of course - open the lid live - red led on beside failed dimm/fan/cpu/psu etc (cool stuff - same for all it hardware failures almost) - Raid 5 across the drives allowing any 2 of the 6 to fail at any one time - hardware raid controller (HP 6402) has 128MB 3 bit parity ram as well - and its own backup battery meaning it can flush any cache to raid drives even if the machine were crash (independent of PCI bus even being running).

Next up is Peter's 10-minute and zero-cost mod to stop annoying mousecord-drag and stop his mouse being fouled by the base of his monitor. A cable diameter size cut-out on right-hand-side corner of the mouse base chassis and top cover by using normal office cutter. In order not to have any cable mess, I tape-glued a modified paper clips on right-hand-side on my monitor to hold the mouse cable firmly apart from any obstacle.


Although the mouse cable is lifted up to 100% free of bench surface contact which should creates no surface friction by plastic skinned cable, I personally can still feel there is a tiny bit of cable tension especially when I move my mouse very fast. Yes drafting sometimes requires some amount of mouse movement speed as playing UT2K4. This mouse mod will definitely not change your cabled mouse using feel 100% alike to a wireless mouse; I will say 80% alike. However, I do not have batteries' weight inside my mouse so I think this is a fairly trade-off. But I still not dare to modify my Razor Bomerspeed 2100 at home, cannot afford to take the risk as Razor do not manufacture 2100 anymore! :)

Finally, some wallpapers from Titan Computer. Several of their cooling products have feminine names, and these wallpapers have anime-like characters for each name. Anyhoo, 800x600 only sadly, but still pretty nice:


Edit: and now the pics work, too. :)

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