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Random Stuff (9 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 14-September-2005  22:18:50 (GMT +10) - by Agg

A couple of PPS files that people have sent in recently.. you might need the PowerPoint viewer if you don't have it installed.

Firstly, from JohnC comes "The Falkirk Wheel", a giant wheel built in Scotland to get boats from one level up to another. Pretty impressive feat of engineering, see pics and info in the 718KB PowerPoint file here.

Next up is info from Grant about a Mk48 Torpedo test firing. On Monday June 14, 1999 the Australian Collins class submarine, HMAS Farncomb, fired a Mark-48 war-shot torpedo at the 28 year old former Destroyer Escort TORRENS. Very large bang ensues. Pics and info in the 790KB PPS file here.

A few people answered my question about curries tasting better the next day, but Martin explained it in the most detail: Most flavour molecules, that we detect with our receptors on our tongues, are fat soluble. During cooking, some of the molecules are dissolved into the fats and oils present in the food, but cooking is a relatively quick event given the size of some of these flavour molecules. Thermodynamics come to our aid in that given enough time most anything will mix themselves together, heat just speeds up the process of distribution. So your curry from yesterday tastes better as more of the flavour molecules leak out of their confines (perhaps the cells of the food item) into the fats and oils they are soaking in. Then your tongue becomes coated in the fats/oils where the taste sensors can come into contact with the flavour molecules, in a higher concentration than yesterday. This explains why on the whole, foods with the fat removed appear less flavourful unless the recipe is modified to counter the loss. The fats and oils also act to hold the taste to the tongue for longer than say, water soluble flavours. So there you go!

Finally, people keep sending me this pic, so I better put it up:

click to enlarge

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