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New Major Sponsor: Apple Computer (105 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 1-April-2008  00:14:43 (GMT +10) - by Agg

As you're probably aware I recently made "the switch" from PC to Apple and haven't looked back. At a recent exhibition I got talking to a contact from Apple and things kinda snowballed from there. So as of today I'm very happy to welcome Apple Computer as a new Major Sponsor of OCAU! We've seen a lot of our readers make the switch from PC to Apple and it just seemed a natural evolution of OCAU to partner with Apple more completely.

So, expect to see more Apple branding around OCAU soon. This is an exciting new direction and I hope you're as thrilled about it as I am. :) There's more info about the "iOCAU deal" here.

edit: APRIL FOOLS! :) Hehe, pretty obvious one this year. So no, Apple have no association with OCAU, although I'm sure they're lovely people and won't sue us for using their name in vain, ahem. And no, I haven't really made "the switch", I don't even own an iPod! Check this page for previous OCAU April Fools jokes.

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