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Thursday Afternoon (1 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 27-August-2009  14:40:52 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Our new servers are currently surviving a slashdotting, with flying colours. Most users ever online was 2,076, Today at 5:20 AM. Everyone's checking out this cool thread in the Extreme Cooling forum.

SCO are back in the news, with an earlier UNIX copyright decision being overturned. The move is another chapter in a case that appeared to have come to a close nearly two years ago. Novell said it is carefully studying the court's decision, and it is not backing down.

Torrent site Mininova is in legal trouble too, with a court ordering they remove all copyright-infringing torrents. The judge ruled that Mininova is not directly responsible for any copyright infringement, but ordered it to remove all torrents linking to copyrighted material within three months, or face a penalty of up to 5 million euros. More info here.

Netbooknews take us on a trip to the Kingston USB flash drive plant, to show how these handy gadgets are made. Join us on a tour of the Kingston Manufacturing Plant and learn how a USB is made and gets packaged.

Ages ago I linked to a petition to save Bletchley Park. Well, the Office of the UK Prime Minster has responded to the petition with some (indirectly) good news: In November 2008 English Heritage announced the award of a grant of GBP 330,000 to Bletchley Park to cover urgently needed repairs to the roof, and in March of this year it was announced that Milton Keynes Council, in partnership with English Heritage, will provide a further GBP 600,000 for critical restoration work.

Adelaide has an internet-enabled bus. The i-Commute system utilises a 3G USB dongle plugged into a Wi-Fi router and allows for any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled device to connect to the internet whilst in transit.

The bones of a dinosaur have been found on a QLD cattle station. The dinosaur awaits official identification but is believed to be a species of the long-necked sauropod. In the meantime, it has been nicknamed Zac. The sheep and cattle station already boasts Australia's largest dinosaur, Cooper, a new titanosaur species, measuring about 26 to 28 metres long.

Des sent in this article about building an Apple 1 from scratch. But going back even further than that is the Apple-1 (a.k.a. the Apple I or the Apple 1), the machine Steve Wozniak invented and first demonstrated at the Palo Alto Homebrew Computer Club in 1976.

From the lads at Good Game: It's the 100th episode for Australia's show for gamers, by gamers, and there's no better excuse to go on a self-indulgent clip show rampage. Laugh at the awkwardness of the first few episodes, see some of the segments that didn't work, the few that did, and some old friends stop by as well. Also, there will be cake. And that's not a lie. Madden NFL 10 is also looked at on PS3 and Wii, as well as G.I. Joe for Wii, and TMNT Re-shelled. All that plus an appearance from the lads at Pure Pwnage! Catch Good Game on Monday nights @ 8:30pm on ABC2, or late Friday nights on ABC1, just before rage. You can download/stream any ep of Good Game at www.abc.net.au/goodgame.

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