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Tuesday Morning (7 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 16-February-2010  02:21:01 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Fellow Australian geeky site ZGeek is 10 years old. Congrats! Seriously, this site has been the best fun to run. I've met so many cool and amazing people. I've had so many funny moments and times where I have been literally blown away by some of the amazing geek skills you guys and gals have. It's been the best journey ever.

The backlash against Google automatically signing Gmail users up to Buzz has been significant enough that Google have changed the setup to NOT automatically sign people up. We've heard your feedback loud and clear, and since we launched Google Buzz four days ago, we've been working around the clock to address the concerns you've raised. Today, we wanted to let you know about a number of changes we'll be making over the next few days based on all the feedback we've received.

Barbie has a new role, as a Computer Engineer. Computer engineer Barbie, which will be released in winter 2010, sports a geek chic binary code patterned tee (We’d so wear that!) and she comes equipped with everything a modern day geek girl would use. That includes a smartphone, Bluetooth headset, laptop travel bag, and last but not least – a pink laptop. No word on whether it’s a Mac or PC though.

Microsoft are planning to update Windows 7's activation mechanism to work more like an antivirus program, tackling new cracks as they appear. More info here and here, thanks enigma and IntelInside. An optional Windows Activation Technologies Update for Windows 7, which will be released later this month, closes more than 70 "activation hacks," according to Joe Williams, general manager of Microsoft's Genuine Windows unit, responsible for anti-counterfeiting measures.

Sniper spotted this interesting YouTube Video Speed History feature. Your average video speed at this location from 14 January 2010 to 12 February 2010 was 1.97 Mbps. Hrm, not great actually.

When winter rolls around, you might end up poking your phone with a sausage. Apparently snack sausages from the CJ Corporation are electrostatically compatible with the iPhone's capacitive touchscreen, leading many to use them as a "meat stylus" in the cold weather, rather than remove a glove. And it's not just a joke; apparently South Korean snack sausage sales are soaring. Bizarre.

Enigma spotted an interesting story about a film benefitting from piracy. Unlike the majority of Hollywood movie bosses, the creators of Ink – Jamin and Kiowa Winans – decided to embrace their new-found pirate fans after the extra publicity pushed the movie to 16th place on IMDb’s movie meter and boosted DVD and Blu-ray sales. Kiowa wrote to TorrentFreak and said that the movie ending up on BitTorrent was “absolutely” the best thing that could’ve happened to it.

XbitLabs have info on AMD's upcoming 32nm Llano CPUs. As reported, AMD Llano accelerated processing unit (APU) will have four x86 cores based on the current micro-architecture each of which will have 9.69mm² die size (without L2 cache), a little more than 35 million transistors (without L2 cache), 2.5W – 25W power consumption, 0.8V – 1.3V voltage and target clock-speeds at over 3.0GHz clock-speed. The clock-speeds will dynamically scale their clock-speeds and voltages within the designated thermal design power in order to boost performance when a program does not require all four processing engines or trim power consumption when there is no demand for resources.

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