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Friday Afternoon (11 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 9-April-2010  14:19:18 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Sniper (coincidentally) noticed that the Australian Defence Force is using Segways for sniper training. The Australian Defense Force and Marathon Robotics took a number of two-wheeled RMP 200 Segway robots, placed hoodie-clad foam dummies on top, armored the bottoms, and then programmed them to wander randomly around a small village. A sniper perched up on a hill then picks off his target and, like magic, the remaining robots all scatter automatically in a game way more fun than Modern Warfare could ever hope to be. Meanwhile Engadget checked out another cool little personal mobility thing, the Honda UX-3.

eBay has to pay damages to a duped buyer in Austria. eBay advertised the company as a "power seller", a particularly trustworthy vendor according to the auction site's own criteria, despite complaints, notably regarding its times of delivery. Ordering eBay to pay 16,463 ($23,783), the court said the auction site had been aware of ML Agentur's record before the gold bar transaction was made and was therefore guilty of negligence.

Apple have unveiled their iPhone OS4 update, thanks Dukeymeng. iPhone OS 4 will have the ability for some applications to run simultaneously. Apple has enabled seven features to run while other applications are in operation. These functions include background audio, VoIP calls, navigation apps and push notifications. Is this going to pursuade me to reinstall iTunes on my PC so I can update my phone.. maybe.

Intel will apparently ship 48-core CPU samples later this quarter, thanks Kosta. Intel Corp. said on Wednesday that it would begin shipments of its experimental 48-core microprocessors dubbed single-chip cloud computer (SSC) late in the second quarter of the year. The systems-based on the central processing units (CPUs) will be sent to academic institutions. More info here.

A few people sent in this monster DVR from SnapStream. It has a grand total of 50 analog TV tuners recording to 125+TB of storage. (10 tuners and 18TB of storage per 3U chassis or 10 tuners and 30TB storage of 4U chassis). As a demo, this system shows both of our 3U and 4U chassis sizes. Depending on the storage requirements, one could do all 4U or all 3U boxes. Kinda big for your livingroom, though.

You'll have to update your periodic table tattoos, because there's a new element. Even though the name ununseptium (symbol: Uus) is only temporary, Russian and U.S. scientists still have made an important discovery of a new chemical element, one with an atomic number of Z=117. Parts of the discovery were made inside a particle accelerator in Dubna, Russia, during the time frame 2009-2010, when new element 117 was synthesized in the collision of isotopes of calcium (48Ca) and radioactive element berkelium (249Bk): in the reaction 249Bk + 48Ca.

But if you're in Canada don't mod your Xbox, because you could end up in prison. "Modifying a console and computer is considered an illegal act under section 342.1 of the Criminal Code and is punishable by imprisonment for up to ten years," the RCMP said in the statement.

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