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Thursday Afternoon (7 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 31-March-2011  12:39:29 (GMT +10) - by Sciby

If you think your gaming skill is up to par, you could always enter the Team Immunity FFA Championships! More importantly, entry is now free: Just as an update, the FFA Competition is on this weekend and we've now made entry FREE! As a result of venue costs coming in below budget we've passed this saving onto gamers. Everyone who has paid will receive a refund in full within the next 2 days."

Tweaktown has asked the question, "Are consoles holding back gaming technology?" "Remember the good old days of id Software and Epic Games? Their constant battle in the PC FPS graphics arena? - Quake, Unreal. Quake 3, Unreal Tournament. Back in those days we had the ah-mazing 3dfx Voodoo range of video cards. Those things were unstoppable for smooth gaming at the time. 3dfx ushered an entire new unseen era that just didn't seem possible at the time and really pushed graphics to the edge of imaginations for both gaming developers and gamers alike. But, we always needed the gaming developers pushing envelopes and PC seemed to have the exclusives virtually every year. "

In business computing, HP's CEO Leo Apotheker has slammed Oracle for dropping Itanium support. "From my perspective, it's a rather clumsy attempt by Oracle (NSDQ:ORCL) to try and prop up a failing and deteriorating Sun server business," Apotheker said at the outset of his Monday keynote speech at HP's Americas Partner Conference 2011 in Las Vegas. "It is an anticompetitive decision, it is self interested and it is to the endangerment of customers." Thanks to Dan for the link.

The Guru of 3D has looked at triple-screen gaming and achievable performance: "We'll take three 1920x1200 Dell 24" monitors, configure them in a 5760x1200 pixel resolution on both products and fire off a dozen of games at that resolution with superior image quality settings. Not only will we be looking at 'per card' performance, we'll now double up performance once more as we'll place the cards into quad-GPU mode via SLI or CrossfireX. So for both AMD and NVIDIA that means chucking up quad GPU performance and compatibility." I can barely concentrate on one screen - three would be too many for me.

Techware Labs have covered the Orlando 2011 MegaCon, featuring quite a large gallery of photos from the event: "Star Wars, Star Trek, and Anime Oh My! There was definitely something for everyone at this years MegaCon show which turned out to be huge. Hallways and corridors were jam packed with costumed hero’s, villains, and characters from just about every story ever told. Inside the convention hall was packed even tighter as attendees crammed down lanes searching for their favorite fan gear. At the back of the hall were the invited media guests and celebrities which drew an amazing amount of attention and caused lines that wrapped around the hall. Everyone wanted a photo with the stars present."

Google is setting up a 1gbit-per-home network infrastructure in Kansas City, as part of a larger study regarding large bandwidth usage (IE: what can be done with it all?): "Kansas City, Kansas will have a new Internet provider next year, one that operates a 1Gbps fiber-to-the-home network, provides "open access" to any ISP wanting to use the pipes, and charges fees in line with current rates for much slower connections. That new Internet provider? Google."

It seems that a lot of people are wanting to raise money and support for Japan - and so they should - and this time, it's gaming royality that's getting involved, with the auctioning off of several 'rare, amazing gaming collectables'. "So far, Play For Japan—which is run by a group of volunteer coordinators—has raised more than $40,000 by selling numerous big-ticket items through eBay auctions. A Nintendo DS signed by Shigeru Miyamoto and Koji Kondo, for instance, sold for $4,050. There was also a signed copy of the PlayStation classic Final Fantasy Tactics signed by artists Akihiko Yoshida Hideo Minaba, which sold for $1,341, and a statue of Brutal Legend's Eddie Riggs signed by none other than Tim Schafer. While many of the auctions are already complete, there's still plenty to bid on, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the American Red Cross."

Love or hate the iPad, they certainly do have their uses, and they're gaining even more love thanks to their ability to mirror the screen to an external display. Ars Technica have reported that now there's a 'hack' to do just that, wirelessly. "Teachers and corporate presenters alike begged Apple for video mirroring capabilities for the iPad, and the company delivered the feature in the iPad 2. Apple's solution still leaves users tied to a cord, however, so two employees at networking service provider Straight Up Technologies developed a simple hack to give their client wireless HDMI output and freedom of movement while sharing the iPad's screen." The great part is that it doesn't involve jailbreaking the iPad or doing anything that would void warranty.

If you're constantly wondering when your particular flavour of phone will get an update, wonder no more! Telstra now have a page lists what models will be recieving what OS update.

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