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Easy installation and Viewing of Videos on Ipod Photo and 4G

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Doing some looking around no tutorial I found told me how to easilly install and run videos on my Ipod Photo. So I am going to teach you how to easilly install a Video on the Ipod 4g and photo using Windows. NOTE: Videos NOW have SOUND :D Syncing is being worked on but there is basic syncing.



  • What we are going to be doing is installing the latest version of podzilla and its kernel onto the Ipod.
  • Podzilla is the custom OS (operating system that lets you view videos)

NOTE: Before you do anything on this page make sure you are only running the base 1.0 firmware for your ipod 4G or Photo any other firmware won't work.

  • To install base firmware do a software restore using the 20/10/2004 firmware.

NOTE: You can try to install over the latest firmware from what I have read and I have done this and confirmed it working.

  • First you need a file called You can grab the file and view other install links for 4G from here
  • Once you have this file extract it to a directory preserving directory structure.
  • Then you need to get 2 core files: the kernel and podzilla file.
  • If you don't know the kernel is the base code and instructions of linux.
  • Podzilla is the GUI for linux. We will be getting the latest nightly.
  • A nightly build is the term used to describe a file that is built and updated every night.
  • To get the nightly go to this page and scroll to the bottom and get the kernel and podzilla files with the current date and the extension .gz
  • Ok, do you remember the file we extracted earlier?
  • Go into the directory you should see a directory called iPod Linux Installer Modded.
  • Go in there and replace the file linux.bin with the nightly kernel file you downloaded above.
  • Once that is done copy the nightly podzilla file you downloaded to the previous directory renaming it to just podzilla.
  • Then go into the iPod Linux Installer Modded directory and run ipodlinux-installer.exe.
  • It will First ask you to check for a update seclect NO as we have the latest files.
  • Then it will ask you to backup the IPOD select YES this is in case anything goes wrong.
  • Then it will ask you for the default OS leave it on Apple.
  • Then it will ask you to go ahead and install select YES.
  • Then it will ask you to unplug your ipod. >> DON'T YET <<
  • Go to the previous directory where you copied podzilla to and copy EVERYTHING EXCEPT the directory iPod Linux Installer Modded to the base root directory of your IPOD.
  • Once that is done you can now unplug your ipod.
  • If your Ipod doesn't reboot hold menu and the button in the middle of the wheel untill you see the Apple logo.
  • Please make a note of the following everytime you reboot you Ipod.

(Hold ON puts it to Linux / Hold OFF puts it to Apple OS)

  • When the Apple logo is on flick the hold switch to hold untill you see red text scrolling on the screen.
  • Once that is done you are now in PODZILLA.
  • Have a look around before moving on with this tutorial and make sure you enable backlight in settings and save it.
  • If you have any problems do a reboot by holding the Menu and Middle Button mentioned above.


  • Download the latest MPlayer from here
  • Copy any video file into the directory renaming it one word.
  • Then go into command prompt or run in the mplayer directory and run this command:

mencoder.exe -ovc raw -ofps 15 -oac pcm -vf scale=220:-2,expand=220:176,format=bgr16 "in XX.avi" -o "out XX.avi"

  • Replace in.avi with the input file and out.avi with the output file for the ipod if you use names with spaces in the names encase the "in XX.avi" and "out XX.avi" in quotations as you can see here.
  • You need to use the exact file name and extension for the input file.
  • You will see a whole bunch of scrolling text saying dropping frames, just ignore them as all they do is convert the video to 15fps.
  • Once it is done boot into the Apple OS and connect your ipod to your computer make a folder on your ipod called videos.
  • Copy that file into videos.
  • Boot into linux and then go to File Browser then go to /hp/videos (Hp is the root folder of your ipod you see in Windows)
  • Then click on the file and it will load up.

(Alot of the time the ipod gets stuck on loading the video, just hit menu to exit the video player and try again.)

NOTE: Pausing or changing the Video Posistion will either turn off the Audio or make it out of sync it is beeing worked on for a future nightly.

  • Scroll the wheel to change volume left for volume up right for volume down.
  • Have fun now and read the notes for more info and sample videos.


  • The page for installing on other ipods sample videos etc. are here.

NOTE: Sample Videos won't work will untill a new pidzilla comes out as it is a bug.

  • More info on installing on 4G and photo ipods can be found here.
  • Incase you have a problem and need to uninstall linux and revert to the backup go to the iPod Linux Installer Modded directory and run ipodlinux-installer.exe -r.
  • Make sure you have the -r at the end because that is the command to uninstall.
  • To transfer files to your iPod you have to be in the Apple OS.


  • You are welcome to edit this WIKI page as long as you add your name to these credits and what you did to this document for reference.
  • Me, Revenger: installed Ipod linux on his photo and wrote this page.
  • The Ipod Linux Team: for making a great video player (need sound now guys)
  • All other people I copied bits and peices off I used to help me install and write this wiki page.
  • 31/7/05 Revenger: Changed ALL References from Podlinux to the proper name of Podzilla and explained some things a bit more.
  • 21/9/05 Edited this Wiki to include support for Audio and fixed some errors and updated some links.
  • 8/12/05 z3099528: Clean up text a bit, added some links, bulleted, added sections

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