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Google Maps Australia Locations

From OCAU Wiki

Below is a collection of significant Australian locations as found on Google Maps. Most links have been transferred from this thread in the Forums. Coordinates are included for other globe exploring programs such as Google Earth, and Nasa’s World Wind.

Note there is also now a Google Maps Street View Australia Locations page in this Wiki, for a photo-based tour of almost the entire country!


Australian Capital Territory

2003 Bushfire Damage in the Australian Capital Territory

  • Mt. Stromlo Observatory 35.327258 S, 149.000005 E - Completely destroyed in the 2003 Bushfires
  • Suburb of Duffy 35.336799 S, 149.029369 E - Most affected area from the 2003 bushfires. Note all the houses being rebuilt and the burnt out areas to the left of the screen. It used to be all green.
  • Rows of burnt trees 35.310082 S, 149.012332 E - Rows upon rows of burnt and dead timber


New South Wales



Western Australia

South Australia

South Australia - the drinker's tour

Northern Territory

Offshore Dependencies

All maps are very low detail. Lots of 'noise' in some of the images.

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