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Google Maps Street View Australia Locations

From OCAU Wiki

Australia is the third country to be almost entirely indexed by Google's Street View system. On this page, add any interesting Street View locations you find. For the normal Google Maps view, try our huge Google Maps Australia Locations page.



Maryborough QLD

Downers EDI - They make some of trains for Queensland Rail including the new Gold Coast Trains and commonly the rolling stock sit outside the shop on the street. Then pulled to sit idle at Maryborough Station until testing begins


Umart Online - Milton Store : Always a computer case coming out of that store

Uh-oh. That 4wd with the trailer and the white sedan will have $60 parking fines due to that yellow line.... Street view is educational. Not many people realise they did away with no parking signs and replaced them with those lines instead. Now they do. Don't feed the sneaky bastards at the BCC.

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

South Australia


  • Ramsey Street In real life this is the set of neighbours. Ramsey steet is real street name is Pin Oak Ct located in Vermont South VIC 3133, Australia

Western Australia

Funny/Strange Sights

Not in Australia

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