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Network Problems

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Webpages not loading; MSN, IP addresses or some webpages loading

Most likely a DNS issue

  • Check you can ping something by IP address, e.g. (
  • Check your IP/DNS settings are correct, compare with another known working computer if there is one
  • Reset your modem and router

Getting a 169.x.x.x IP address in Windows

This means your computer is not getting a valid DHCP address from your router or modem.

  • Check that the router or modem has DHCP turned on and has a wide enough range, or set a static IP address.
  • If this doesnt fix the problem, try resetting the modem or router.

Network File Sharing

If you have shared folders or drives and cannot access them from other networked computers

  • Check if you can ping the computer with the share from the other computers
  • Access the shared computer using the IP address, eg: '\\{ip_addr}'

Problem getting a router to work with Bigpond Cable

  • Make sure you have the internet type set to Heartbeat or Bigpond with the right Heartbeat server address.
    • There are guides to set this up here
  • Make sure to hard reset the Cable modem. To do this, unplug the modem from power, hold down the reset button and turn it back on.

Bigpond Cable requires a Heartbeat client setup to keep the connection alive. Without this setup the internet can dropout every 5 minutes. Also, the modem 'locks' onto the MAC address of the first connected NIC. Therefore when changing from a Modem->Computer setup to Modem->Router->Computer(s) setup you need to hard reset the modem.

Very slow or unstable wireless network

  • Check for other sources of interference
    • Other wireless networks on same channel
    • Cordless phones operating on 2.4GHz
  • Try the connection from a short distance away (<5m)
  • Check that both adaptors are in 802.11G mode if supported
  • If it is a USB wireless adaptor, make sure it is plugged into a USB2 port
  • This problem can also be due to poor wireless adaptors or wireless routers

Port Forwarding or Game/File/FTP/Web Server problem

  • Make sure you are forwarding the required ports.
    • Follow the guides on this website
  • If you are still having problems
    • Make sure you turn off any firewalls, including the XP2 firewall to see if that solves the problem
    • Some ISPs block certain ports

No Internet Connection with Bigpond Cable and new Router/Computer

  • You need to hard reset the modem before swapping the device connected to it.
  • To do this:
    • Disconnect all devices connected to the modem
    • Unplug power cable
    • Hold down 'reset' button on modem
    • Plug back in power
    • Release reset button
    • Connect new device to modem
  • Also make sure you setup the proper Heartbeat details in your router. See here for a lot of information about the Bigpond Cable 'Heartbeat'.
  • You need to add the proper Heartbeat Server Login IP, your Bigpond Username and Password. For the Login IP, see here.

Terms used on this page

  • {ip_addr} should be replaced with the required IP address. For example
  • NIC: Network Interface Card or Network Card

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