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Starcraft 2

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  • When is Starcraft 2 released to the public?
    • Starcraft 2 Global Launch is 27-7-10.
  • What is and how does it work?
    • operates very much like Valve's Steam software to act as both a form of digital distribution as well as management for all Blizzard games. Once you purchase your copy of Starcraft 2 and activate it on your account it will be locked to this account indefinitely. Visit the Official website for more details.
  • As an Australian player what region(s) am I eligible to play on?
    • Australians who purchase an Australian, New Zealand or SEA (South East Asia) copy of Starcraft II will can play on any server, as all copies of SC2 are not classified as 'Global Purchases' and you can create an account on all servers.
      • Note: You will need to create a new account on each server as profiles and achievements are NOT carried across.
  • I can't wait to play my favourite race in the single player campaign. For the swarm!
    • The Starcraft Single Player campaign will be released episodically so please be patient while these features are available for more info see the Blizzard trilogy FAQ
      • SC2: Heart of the Swarm (HotS) was released on March 12, 2013, this expansion to SC2: Wings of Liberty (WoL) features a mostly Zerg bases single player campaign and expands on the story line of Kerigan and Jim Rayner.
      • SC2: Legacy of the Void (LotV) will be released in 2014 and will feature a largely Protoss based campaign. This will be the completion of the SC2 Trilogy.
  • I want to add my username and identifier to the OCAU wiki but I can't find those numbers, where are they?
    • The easiest way to locate the randomly generated numbers attached to your account is to go to the "Add a Friend" Tab located at the bottom right. The add page dialogue displays your unique account number, alternatively you can mouse over your portrait in the top right of the screen to also find it.
  • I want to brag about my awesome ladder ranking but I've forgotten where I'm ranked.
    • There are a few ranking sites that you can check where you're ranked on a global scale including SC2Ranks and RTS Sanctuary


This section will cover both how to manually update and manage patches released by Blizzard as well as the issues currently being experienced by the Auto Updater.

Manually Managing Patches

Blizzard has implemented an auto patching system into Starcraft 2 that is handled by the launcher. Unlike World of Warcraft Blizzard has opted away (at the time of writing) from releasing their updates in executable form, instead they are relying heavily on a peer-to-peer system that handles files in a very temporary manner. This means that for many Australian internet users re-patching a fresh install takes a large toll on their quota, or they suffer from some of the issues discussed below. Thankfully there is still a way that we can manage our updates such that patching can be done offline and without using any of our precious quota in the process:

Archiving Patches

  • Let Starcraft 2 update up to the latest version by the launcher as normal.
  • Wait until the update process is totally finished and BEFORE clicking on the PLAY button once it becomes available minimise the launcher and navigate to your Starcraft 2 Install directory. Here you will need to copy all the files ending in .torrent, -dl and the Updates folder, all of which can be found in the root directory, to another folder, partition, drive or removable storage with enough space for the files. Please remember it is important to keep the same hierarchy of files as was copied from your Starcraft 2 directory.
    • You are now able to run Starcraft 2 via the PLAY button in your launcher as normal. Remember however with every new patch you will need to backup the files BEFORE playing the game.

Installing Patches

  • Installing patches is a very simple process if you have kept them all from previous updates. Simply copy the files ending in .torrent, -dl and the Updates folder back into your Starcraft 2 root directory. Remember that you can add all your update versions at once to slipstream the process.
    • Run Starcraft 2 as normal once your files are in place. It will check all the files necessary are there and that there are no problems, it will patch the game as normal using the local files and delete them after a successful patch. This means you need to COPY and NOT move any archived updates or they will be lost for future installs. If there is a problem with an update you have backed up you can always run the repair tool found under the Starcraft II/Support folder. You can either then choose to download this one patch from the launcher or proceed to try updating with this method again.
    • Check for any new updates that may have occurred during this process and back up as necessary.
    • Click PLAY from the launcher as normal and enjoy your newly patched SC2, without the downloads!

Updating Issues

Blizzard has implemented an auto patching system into Starcraft 2 that is handled by the launcher. Unfortunately due to the popularity of the game we are finding a small group of individuals are having problems automatically updating their client. There are two common problems and we have listed the most popular actions to fix them:

  • My game client seems to get stuck in an infinite loop when updating.
    • Before you continue any further try using the repair tool in the found under Starcraft II/Support folder to see if there is a problem with your install before trying to repatch.
    • If you have access to another TRUSTED computer or device with the update files or an already updated client attempt to get these files on a removeable device and use it to update your install files.
  • Auto updating crashes my router or simply times out.
    • The general consensus is that the peer-to-peer function in the Starcraft 2 launcher floods your internet connection and times it out. This is generally a hardware problem, however there are a few steps that can be taken to attempt to fix it before you go out and spend your hard earned on a new router.
    • Disable P2P in the updater (some people seem to have this option while others do not)
    • Check your Internet Explorer proxy settings and make sure they are correct or disabled. It appears that the Internet Expolorer settings effect the SC2 downloader.
    • If you have access to another TRUSTED computer or device with the update files or an already updated client attempt to get these files on a removeable device and use it to update your install files.

  • As a last resort gRnt has been uploading the patch files to our very own OCAU Starcraft 2 Thread. This may take a while to be up to date with the current Blizzard patch at the time but we will do our best to keep it as convenient as possible. To install from the files download them from the link in the OCAU Starcraft 2 Thread and use the steps in the Updating Section to install the files. Only use the these download links if you can't download or get the updates yourself.

As has been mentioned above it is a good idea to backup the torrent files from your SC2 root directory as well as the Updates folder from your Starcraft 2 install before playing on any new patch. By keeping all of these files you are able to reinstall and update without the need to download potentially GB's worth of data down the track. As these files can all be kept together it makes for slip streaming the update process very easy. If you have any questions feel free to post in the OCAU OCAU Starcraft 2 Thread and we will be more than willing to help you out.


"Yet Another Build Order Tester" is an addon for Starcraft 2 that helps players, both new and pro alike, fine tune build orders against a wide variety of opening plays. While this is not guaranteed to make you "PRO EHAN TIMING" it is going to help you overcome early game "cheese" and put you in a position to transition to a strong economically sound mid game. YABOT can be found at SC2 Mapster. If you wish to add new build orders or simply share yours with the community the best place to find info on it would be over at the TeamLiquid YABOT Thread.


Unit List

Due to the overwhelming large size of the tables, as well as to minimize scrolling the Unit List for Starcraft 2 Units has moved.

If you wish to access, maintain or edit the Starcraft 2 Unit List please use the following link:

Starcraft 2 Unit List

Player List

A place for users to share their ingame information as well as their preferred region. Please copy the 'exampleuser' code, paste it at the END of the table and change your details to suit.

Current list of registered OCAU Members ingame account information

If you would like to add your own Starcraft 2 Unique ID, just edit the page, copy the last bit of code, add it to the end and swap the details.

Could all new comers please add themselves to the BOTTOM of the list.

OCAU Username Starcraft 2 SEA Name + Identifier Starcraft 2 NA Name + Identifier Preferred Region Profile Page Preferred Race
EXAMPLEUSER Exampler - 000 Exampledurface - 876 North America USERNAME Random
gruntLOL gRnt - 414 n/a Oceania gRnt Terran
mtw Stibbs - 676 n/a Oceania Stibbs
h0uSe Krouse - 234 Krouse Oceania
Mikos train - 597 train - 600 Oceania
Gr00my Gabba - 526 n/a Oceania
IPW Teracis - 913 Teracis - 913 Oceania Teracis Random
Deftone2k Deftone - 499 n/a Oceania
redw0lf Phaded - 122 Phaded - 508 US Protoss
SpammT SpammT - 786 n/a Oceania SpammT Terran
viggenn vig - 617 n/a Oceania Random
nugget28 Nugget - 110 n/a Oceania Terran
soulblade64 soulblade - 554 n/a Oceania
eniGzor eniGma - 497 eniGzor - 304 Oceania eniGma
MudBlood MuddyOCAU - 954 n/a Oceania MuddyOCAU
dfcowell Taco - 788 n/a Oceania
13ulletz Bulletz - 148 n/a Oceania
misc. Tim - 584 n/a Oceania
iinsom Insom - 320 n/a Oceania Insom Terran
SomeGuy1234 Rudager - 895 n/a Oceania Rudager Random
SmEaGoLLuM! XeRauS - 408 n/a Oceania
rezyn8 rezyn - 772 rezyn - 772 Oceania rezyn Terran
Joehax Joehax - 512 n/a Oceania
Mistiqi Mistiqi - 370 n/a Oceania
mrmas FireFLi - 268 n/a Oceania
Vassili HennigPanzer - 911 n/a Oceania Protoss
kimnkk kimnkk - 333 n/a Oceania Terran
Neosis Eli ten Dam - 518 n/a Oceania
Dano. Dirty - 438 n/a Oceania Dirty
real real - 876 n/a Oceania real
spedwards spedwards - 456 n/a Oceania spedwards
Lynx23 Gibber - 983 n/a Oceania
strike strike - 586 n/a Oceania
Coyote Paul - 531 n/a Oceania
Onthax Onthax - 901 n/a Oceania
bit_charg_cars Siery - 166 n/a Oceania Siery Zerg
m0n4g3 m0n - 316 n/a Oceania m0n Protoss
siooma hansel - 716 n/a Oceania
speedling speedling - 967 n/a Oceania
loupseul charzy - 982 n/a Oceania charzy Terran 1v1, Zerg in team
cleeoo Cleeoo - 680 n/a Oceania Cleeoo Terran
scon scon - 939 n/a Oceania
1800-gumby gumbs - 248 n/a Oceania Protoss
Gua5d1aN Guardian - 548 n/a Oceania Protoss
Killing Time Endjin - 856 n/a Oceania
AvatarEK Avatar - 855 n/a Oceania Avatar Protoss
zooba zoobs - 896 n/a Oceania Protoss
recoN Earthless - 883 n/a Oceania Zerg
Tythais Stomp - 369 n/a Oceania Terran or Zerg
Amfibius Amfibius - 453 n/a Oceania Protoss
joe_sixpack mcdeezy - 805 n/a Oceania
d-dave-b dave - 904 n/a Oceania
the_bread_maker bread - 804 n/a Oceania
stringthis string - 701 n/a Oceania
kaz3e CCL - 104 n/a Oceania Zerg
VippiN VippiN - 127 Oceania VippiN Protoss
taffer DropMonkey - 237 n/a Oceania Terran
Randy_Chuggs RandyChuggs - 279 RandyChuggs - 279 Oceania RandyChuggs Protoss
PsychoSmiley PsychoSmiley - 747 n/a Oceania
Rubberband Maym - 990 n/a Oceania Maym Terran/Zerg
SorC SorC - 575 SorC - 961 Oceania SorC Protoss/Zerg
ravescar BlackRaven - 769 n/a Oceania n/a Zerg
Tatts_83 Onyx - 657 n/a Oceania Onyx Zerg
ShonkyMan Shonkey - 155 n/a Oceania n/a Terran
Comma Comma - 349 n/a Oceania Comma Terran
RHCP Kalamity - 690 n/a Oceania n/a Terran
Ultife Strife Franky - TBA n/a Oceania Franky Protoss
dmandn Dmandn - 898 n/a Oceania Dmandn Terran
Nitephyre Nitephyre - 627 n/a Oceania Nitephyre Protoss
ragneg Nigel - 883 ragneg Oceania Nigel Protoss
Broden Brody - 818 n/a Oceania Brody Zerg
n2o_spark topeaka - 829 n/a Oceania topeaka Protoss
Acesi7 Thirdeyeopen - 798 Thirdeyeopen - 413 Oceania Thirdeyeopen Protoss

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