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Monday Afternoon (4 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 3-December-2007  15:42:56 (GMT +10) - by Agg

There's a storm raging at the moment about an editor from Gamespot having been fired recently. People are suggesting it's because he gave a scathing review to a product from a company that heavily sponsors Gamespot, but others are saying that's not the full story. Unsurprisingly the community response has been extremely vocal, to the point where forums have temporarily closed due to the online rioting. More info here (thanks Greg), here and here. Discussion here.

Google Maps now has a "Terrain" option - see this Blue Mountains of NSW link for example. Meanwhile they've been working to make Street View anonymous, to allay people's privacy concerns, but also rolling out a mobile phone locator. Probably the best listing of Australian Google Maps locations is right here in our Wiki.

Here's some hard disk storage with a difference. Some potentially "not safe for work" links on that page btw.

EETimes report on the 60th anniversary of the transistor, thanks Timbot. In the first decade of the new century, Lee de Forest inserted a grid in the tube between the anode and cathode. With this new control element, a circuit could amplify, oscillate, and switch. Those are the basic operations of any bit of electronics.

Vivendi and Activision are merging to form Activision Blizzard, thanks Sounder. Press release from the other side here. Combination Brings Activision's Best-Selling Video Games, Including Guitar Hero®, Call of Duty®, and Tony Hawk, Together With Vivendi Games' Portfolio of Leading Franchises, Including Crash Bandicoot™ and Spyro™, and Blizzard Entertainment's® StarCraft®, Diablo® and Global #1 Subscription-Based World Of Warcraft®.

Craig spotted that the 1 millionth .au domain name has been registered. Adrian Kinderis, Managing Director of AusRegistry, the Registry Operator and wholesale provider for all commercial and non-commercial .au domain names concurs, "We too offer our congratulations, 1 million .au domains is a huge achievement for the .au namespace and for Australian internet users. It was only 5 years ago the tally was close to 250,000."

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