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February 2019 Edit: has now changed to become, dns has been switched accordingly. Continue to use old server addresses below (for how long, not sure) or Many of the other details are old, but in part cromulent

New Stats Page -

OCAU has a channel - #overclockers - on the Oz.Org network, frequented by roughly 100-140 OCAU'ers at any given time. Several of OCAU's admins can be found on IRC at most hours of the day, including Agg Sciby, Voodoo, TheWedgie, Sabretooth, Sniper and others. Feel free to say hi to them or anyone in the channel. :)

The channel is busiest from about 8pm Sydney time onwards and around lunchtime, but there are usually people there at pretty much all times of the day.

Keep in mind that spamming, flooding, being abusive or otherwise being annoying will get you kicked or even banned if you persist. There's some more specific rules here, but the general gist is: don't be an idiot. Ta.

Sticks maintains a regularly-updated statistics page for the channel.


Connecting To #overclockers

  • Get yourself an IRC client. For windows users the most popular one is mIRC. For *nix users irssi and XChat (also available for Windows[1], and Mac[2]) are commonly used.
  • Using your client, connect to an server. is not the most reliable network in the universe, and sometimes people have trouble connecting to servers. Try a few, for example:
         * (try this one first)
  • Once you've connected to a server, type "/join #overclockers" and there we are!

Channel Rules

(Originally worded and typed by Alchemy) (Amended by LoneWolf_, Sniper and Rusti)

This is a step we never really thought we'd have to take in #overclockers, but over the years quite a few people have been causing a stir, and a large number of the channel operators (who have been here since the very start) have become frustrated and want to take action, so this is the result.
Please understand that these are the channel rules! They are NOT guidelines! There is a difference, and the difference is that rules are stricter. This is how we expect you to act as a member of the #overclockers IRC channel. I apologise to all the members who already understand how to act on IRC, but not everyone (it seems) does, so here it is in black and white.
For those of you who don't like the rules - Go elsewhere. We're not stopping you. In fact - we may well help you on the way!
- The Ops

  1. Don't be discussing any topics that are illegal (including pirated software) in the channel. This is not only a #overclockers restriction, but a restriction enforced by the whole OzOrg network. If you want to discuss this topic, do it in privmsg, or preferably on another network.
  2. Don't use scripts, colors, text altering code (including bold and underlines) and excessive caps. These should go without saying, but for many people it doesn't. Put simply, don't use them. Not everyone uses mIRC as their client of choice and as such, what looks like yellow text to someone, looks totally whack to someone else. So keeping that in mind, NO COLOURS! This includes coloured "away" messages and quit messages also. Not only that, but it annoys the hell out of people. Yes - some Ops DO use scripts to control the tards - but thats why they're Ops!
  3. Don't flood in the channel. Flooding generally involves repeating yourself a large number of times over a short period of time. This also includes messages repeated at a regular interval over a long time period, sending large amounts of text into the channel at once or or typing each word of a sentence on a new line. Flooding is unacceptable behavior and will generally lower people's attitude towards you. If you've asked your question two or three times and received no reply, maybe no one knows the answer. You can either try asking later or looking somewhere else. (See point above)
  4. Don't abuse or insult people while in the channel. This includes the use of the "C" word, jokes that people find offensive and the linking to of any offensive material. This type of behavior is unacceptable and there is no excuse for it. Just because you think a statement is amusing doesn't mean everyone else will. Likewise with slander and defamatory comments and personal arguements. Take your disagreements elsewhere. #Overclockers is not for personal disputes.
  5. Try to Limit yourself to ONE connection per person. Having more than one client for the one person is redundant, not to mention something Oz.Org really don't like.
  6. Please refrain from asking very broad questions such as "What's a good motherboard?". It's up to you to determine what your needs are, we can't tell you what they are. Overclockers Australia links to dozens of reviews a day, and your best bet is to read them. Read the reviews and form your own opinions, instead of relying on an anonymous chatter. We are often more than happy to discuss the pros and cons of certain motherboards compared to another, but often your answer is better sought in a review of the product you are interested in. I don't think I can say this enough times, READ REVIEWS.
  7. Don't expect anyone to be your personal overclocking coach. This relates to the above point. Read as much as you can on your topic, the 'net is a fantastic resource for computer-related topics. People will be a lot more responsive to your queries if you show that you've done some research. It's not hard, and the idea is that it's supposed to be interesting.
  8. Asking questions that could easily be answered with a quick trip to Google. Google is an awesomely powerful tool, learn how to use it. You want to find out about coolbits.reg and where to download it? First search for +coolbits.reg +download on google, and THEN if you can't find anything ask away. It gets annoying seeing these simple questions time after time.
  9. If a channel op believes that you are acting in a manner that contradicts these rules they will (at their discretion) first warn you of your actions, and then take further steps if they deem necessary. This can include kicking you from the channel and/or banning you from the channel. If you believe these actions to be unfair, take it up with the person who took the action, and only that person.
  10. You should also familarise yourself with the OzOrg Network Guidelines as these apply to all users of the OzOrg network. You can do this by typing /motd from your IRC client. OzOrg provide the servers, the network and all the bandwidth free of charge, so show them a little respect. Also, reading the OzOrg Netiquette Guides will give you more idea on how to better act on IRC.
  11. We added this to stop the insanity: Big Brother, and in fact any other type of so called "reality TV show", is not, and never will be, something we want to discuss in #overclockers. Ditto for religion and politics which usually degenerate into slanging matches. If you want to talk about such drivel, go do it somewhere else, because WE WILL BAN YOU to prove how serious we are about this!!
  12. Your Mum jokes are now banned by Op consensus. People who make them WILL be banned. Repeat offenders will have their bans extended.
  13. If someone is kicked or banned, and it's not you - it's NOT your signal to mount a crusade. Querying someone elses ban may well earn you a ban of your own. As channel ops we're tired of having to continuously defend our actions to anyone who thinks they deserve an explaination. If the victim of the ban wants to contest it, they (Not YOU) are free to PM the Op who banned them (See Rule 9 and the final statement below).

Bans In #overclockers

In the event you are banned from #overclockers ...
Understand that you have been banned for a reason, and that arguing the reason will not be of any benefit. Before you message any of the channel operators, read the message you got when you were banned. It will have the name of the channel operator that banned you and the reason in there. If you still feel it was unfair, you can bring it up with the person who banned you by typing /msg and that persons name. Please refrain from speaking to other ops if you think the ban was unfair, it's not their business.
Most bans are temporary (24 hours). Arguing will usually extend the ban. Don't take the issue into the Overclockers forums, as the forum admins and the IRC operators are two totally different groups of people, with a few exceptions. Again - Remember, nagging or asking other Ops to remove your ban is only likely to extend it and make the ban worse.
If you genuinely believe that one of the channel Ops is abusing their privileges, take it up with Agg via email. Be aware that it is EXTREMELY unusual for Agg to override a ban from another Op, so you should be completely convinced that you have done nothing wrong before contacting Agg.

The Topic Game

The Topic Game is a time-honoured pastime, using channel conversation to provoke amusement or personal embarassment by manipulation and insertion into the topic of the #overclockers channel.

The Rules

1. The topic is to be comprised of quotes from the relevant channel.

2. Quotes from other sources (i.e., other channels) are not acceptable.

3. Editing of quotes may only remove material from the end of the quote, not from the beginning or the middle.

Eg: Original quote <Nickname> I really enjoy jumping and singing offkey.

Correct: <Nickname> I really enjoy jumping

Incorrect: <Nickname> jumping and singing offkey.

Incorrect: <Nickname> jumping and singing

Timestamps may be removed or left intact at the discretion of the topic setter, although they are generally removed to save space.

The more coherant and seamless the topic, the more respect will be given to the topic setter.

(Note: Topics may only be set by users with channel operator status).

External Links

Information on connecting to the #overclockers channel.
#overclockers stats, hosted on GotRage.Net.
Original Rules.

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