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Canon Pixma IP4200 BubbleJet Printer
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Date 7th August 2006
Author Chris Hendon aka -weet*di-
Editor James "Agg" Rolfe
Manufacturer Canon

Canon are well known when it comes to printers, from high end corporate machines to printers for home use, such as the IP4200. This is a colour inkjet printer available for under $150 AUD and boasts multiple input trays, CD/DVD labelling and the ability to print direct from certain Canon cameras.

Whatís in the box?
- Manual
- Driver CD
- Warranty (1 year)
- Printer
- Cartridges
- Trial gloss printer paper

Whatís not in the box that should be?
- A USB cable. Seriously, what the hell is Canon thinking, not supplying a USB cable with their printer? Fortunately it's just a standard USB 2.0 printer cable and can be had for $1 at a swap meet or the likes.

The Aesthetics:

Click to Enlarge

The printer is fairly standard-looking in a silver/grey/charcoal colour scheme. I'm conservative, and I like this style - it would fit in quite well in most home offices. What are important are the dimensions, and this printer isn't particularly small at 150mm X 395mm X 300mm.

Click to Enlarge

Of course, this machine does fold out and grow in size. The paper tray is basically the size of an A4 piece of paper. It does the job, but it takes up heaps of space in doing so. Fortunately I discovered that the tray only needs to be extended half way and it will still function properly and catch the paper sufficiently.

Click to Enlarge

It even has a pop-up paper feeder on top, so you can do the traditional style of printing to eliminate folding the paper more than needed (in case of using quite thick paper such as papyrus). Unfortunately the printer will not function if the top paper feeder is not opened.

Click to Enlarge

The other option is the tray loading paper feed, which is located on the bottom of the printer. This is a slide out tray that can be adjusted to accept multiple sized papers. This is a wonderful feature, as if you run out of paper while printing from the top loading tray, it will automatically feed through the bottom. Also, you can use it to store different types of paper, for example cheaper paper for normal printing and gloss paper for photographs. The only drama with the tray is that when feeding paper it has to do a complete 180į bend of the paper in order to print onto it, so thicker types of paper may result in a jammed printer.

Click to Enlarge
The printer in all its glory

Click to Enlarge
The printer again, fully opened, ready for some printing!

The Features:

Click to Enlarge

The printer prints on CD/DVD's and does a very good job of it! Unfortunately the CD tray is quite flimsy. Just be sure you donít break it!

Click to Enlarge

One of the DVD's I printed. Looks pretty nice to me. Just to put in perspective the size of the IP4200, I placed the CD up against the printer. Remember, a CD is 120mm in diameter.

Click to Enlarge

This is one of the only printers in its price range that includes support for direct printing from Canon cameras via USB. Other buttons include an On/Off switch, a paper de-jammer button (aka. the feed button) and a great feature so you can manually select the tray/feed you want to get the paper from. In this photograph I have chosen for paper to feed through the lower tray.


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All rights reserved. No reproduction allowed without written permission.
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