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Antec PerformancePlus 660AMG Mini Tower Case
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Date 23rd September 2002
Author James "Agg" Rolfe
Manufacturer Antec (USA)
Distributor Altech Computers

Tool-less Disassembly

The handle makes it easy to get the side-panel off and, in fact, I didn't need to use any tools to pull this case apart for this review.

Click to Enlarge

Here we see what else you get in this case. Note that the door isn't hinged, it's just resting on the case in that pic. Antec include a 10-page manual which explains how to hook everything up, has an exploded diagram, warranty info and info on some of their other products. Warranty is 3 years parts and labour.

You also get a decent bag of screws and spacers, and drive rails for the 5.25" bays. Some people don't like using drive rails - I don't mind them. They're only annoying when you're moving devices from one machine to another (if you have to remove/install the rails) and even I don't do that particularly often.

Click to Enlarge

The front of the faceplate easily detaches by depressing a small button on either side and pulling it forwards. This gives access to the drive bays. These are blocked off with RFI-reducing steel plates as is the norm.. you can remove them with some twisting. This is about the only time you risk cutting your hands in this case - every other surface or edge is rounded off so you don't encounter the sharp edge of a cut steel sheet.

Click to Enlarge

This case has 3 external 5.25" drive bays, 2 external 3.5" bays and 3 hidden 3.5" bays. The two external 3.5" bays can be converted to 4th 5.25" bay by removing this small adapter. Again, no tools are required - unscrew the thumbscrews and lift it out. This is really best for a 5.25" device that doesn't need front access and can be hidden behind the 2 3.5" drivebay covers. However, I can't think of any such device off the top of my head - perhaps a 4mm DAT drive would be ok, as the tapes would fit through the smaller gap.. a HDD cooler with central fans would also work there.

As well as the stock side-mounted intake fan, there's an identical fan mounted as a rear exhaust. Again, this is right near the video card and CPU area, so ideally located to get hot air out of the case.

Click to Enlarge

The internal HDD cage is removable also. The silver lever slides back and the cage slides forwards and out. The front of the cage has another 80mm fan mount in it, but there's no fan provided. A fan installed here would draw through the front louvres of the case and keep HDD's cool. If you've got 2 or 3 7200rpm drives packed into that cage you should definitely be using a fan in that space. An LED fan would also glow through the louvres and probably look pretty cool.


All original content copyright James Rolfe.
All rights reserved. No reproduction allowed without written permission.
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