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Everglide Optical Mouse Pads
Date 30th September 2002
Author Wolfy
Manufacturer Everglide (USA)


Everglide Optical Mouse Pads - Update

When I first looked at the Everglide Optical Mouse Pads, I mentioned that the hardness of the polystyrene surface might be subject to early wearing. I also indicated that it would be interesting to see how it goes after several months' usage. At the time I never considered I would be adding this update so soon.

After using the Everglide Optical for about two weeks, I noticed the top right hand quadrant - the location where I generally do most of my mouse work - had started to wear slightly. I also noticed a fine dust/grit under the Teflon feet of my mouse, thinking little of it; I simply cleaned the mouse and mat and continued to use them.

Now, only a month after completing the original article, the "Patent Pending FineCell(r) texture" in the upper right hand portion of the Everglide Optical has been significantly worn down. The feel of the worn part of the mat is quite different to the unused and unworn section on the bottom left part of the pad. The feet of my mouse also show noticeable signs of mousing-surface-erosion, in the form of an accumulation of fine white dust.

Click to Enlarge
The dust worn from the mousing surface collects on the feet of the MS Optical mouse.

While the Everglide Mouse Pad is still usable, and in my general computing work I have noticed little difference in performance, the feel of the mousing surface has changed as the surface has worn down. When moving the mouse over the lower left un-worn part of the mat, the surface has a distinct rough feel, but the mouse glides smoothly and comfortably. In the upper right worn third of the Everglide Optical, the surface is distinctly smoother, and the mouse seems to stick - almost like moving though a viscous liquid.

Click to Enlarge
The original texture is quite rough and bumpy when..

Click to Enlarge
..compared to the worn portion of the Everglide Optical.

I would expect that wearing down of the surface resulted in an increase in friction and hence a change in the way the mouse moves across the surface. As strange as it sounds, the mouse does not glide more smoothly over the flatter, and smoother, worn surface, it in-fact seems to bog down and stick.

So far the worn portion of the Everglide surface is confined to the top right third of the mouse mat - the area where I use the mouse the most, due to the placement of the mat and the Everglide WristRest. This part of the mat is where the top feet of my mouse press down, and perhaps my mousing action also increases the downward force. Whatever the reason, the surface texture in this part of the Everglide Optical has worn away by a surprising amount.

The mouse is noticeably stickier to move over the worn surface of the mat, especially when compared to the non-worn surface. And given that the Everglide's original surface already offers more resistance than that of my old Ratpadz, the difference is quite significant.

Although the Everglide Optical is still almost new, the wear is already quite noticeable; and I've started to think that the destructive testing of the other Everglide Optical Smoke was not a good idea.

Note from Agg: I felt this effect also. When swivelling a tank's turret in BF1942 I noticed inaccuracy due to the irregular friction of the mousepad - I'm using the "smoke" Optical Giganta. Switching to my old Ratpad or even the bare top of my desk reduced this effect noticeably. I note that the DansData review has been updated with similar comments. Cleaning with metho etc had no long-term effect, sadly, and drag continued to increase until I too returned to the almost-frictionless comfort of my Ratpad.

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