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Iron Folder

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Iron Folders

Iron Folder Of The Month


Every month we highlight and praise those who have shown dedication to the cause, remember that dedication can be shown in many ways so please consider things like:

  • Getting more people to Fold (start or restart Folding - Switch to Team 24 )
  • Passing The Big Milestones 100,000 - 1,000,000 - 10,000,000 etc
  • Major upgrades to Machines, adding extra Machines to increase Folding power (farming)
  • Putting out large PPD performance
  • Long time Folders who have put in years of effort
  • General help, support and effort to our community of Folders

There are approx, 3 weeks of nominations followed by a 1 week poll vote.

Multiple nominations are allowed per post;
Please list user name and reason why you nominated them;
All people nominated will be listed in the poll;
The person with the most poll votes will be our winner.

As a trophy for the winner they receive the well earned Custom Title of "Iron Folder" for the following Month.

There will be a list of questions to the winner of Iron Folder each month, and it will be listed in this wiki and in the Iron Folder sticky.

After 12 months from nomination, previous winners are eligible for re-nomination, unless they win Iron Folder of the Year.

Iron Folder Honor Board

(note most names are clickable - link goes to their Iron Folder Questionnaire.)

July/August Break

  • Ripper36 - September 2012
  • d00dz - October 2012
  • DCWolf - November 2012


Iron Folder Sticky
Iron Folder June 2012
Iron Folder July 2012

Iron Folder Of The Year


Iron Folder Of The Year is based on the winners of the previous 12 months of Iron Folder Of The Month.

This occurs in May, the previous winners are then eligible for Iron Folder Of The Year, with a poll set up as such:
All previous winners, in the last 12 months;
The top 4 going into a second poll for a final Iron Folder Of The Year poll;
Both polls to last 7 days;
In the case of a tied vote for the first vote, the tied person/s go into the second vote;
In the case of a tied Iron Folder Of The Year second poll, a third poll would be put up, also running for 7 days, with the tied leaders only.

The Iron Folder Of The Year winners trophy will be a fbox dontated by members of the forum for 2010/2011.

Iron Folder of the Year is not eligible to be re-nominated for Folder of the Month/Iron Folder.


Voting part 1 2011/2012 Voting part 2 2011/2012

Voting part 1 2010/2011 Voting part 2 2010/2011

Iron Folder Of The Year Honour Board

RETARD is IFOTY for 2010/2011.
leroyxx is IFOTY for 2011/2012.


Team OCAU - Distributed Computing
Folding Challenges, Incentives and Awards

Leroyxx 16:47, 19 March 2011 (UTC)

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